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Anberlin Interview

15 December 2009 No Comment

6/18/08 @ Van’s Warped Tour

Pier 30/31, San Francisco, CA
By Jeff Longo, Josh Kutras,
& Alex Guzman
Photos by Jeff Longo & Alex Guzman


Stubble’s West Coast 5 O’clock Shadow was set loose at the Vans Warped Tour in San Francisco. Wandering around back stage, we caught an unsuspecting Stephen Christian, vocalist for the Florida’s greatest contribution to alternative rock, Anberlin.

Surprisingly he shares with us how he sold his soul for rock-n-roll, why Dog the Bounty Hunter is a good Christian, and a glimpse of his life in the fast lane.

Stubble: Stephen who is Anberlin for our readers who may not be familiar with you guys.
Stephen: We’ve been around for five years and put out three records on Tooth and Nail records out of Seattle WA. We’ve done a couple of tours and…new record [released] on September 30th called; New Surrender on Universal Republic so we’re pretty excited about it

Stubble: OK, so how’s the show going?
Stephen: Shows going great…it’s been awesome man…it’s just flawless. Man, the Warped Tour has their crap together and they should after 14years you know? So it’s really awesome.

Stubble: With all the bands on Warped do you get mobbed by fans or go unnoticed?
Yeah, it’s a little hard; but that’s the allure of Warped Tour I think fans can feel so very accessible. You can come up and talk to them…Here it’s just like, go and hang out. I think that’s what people enjoy about Warped Tour; they get the backstage passes and just hang out with their favorite bands.

Pretty cool and unique to Warped.
Stephen: Yeah, absolutely. We hang out at the merch table and we have signings every day. So it’s really cool to be able to interact with fans and stuff.

Stubble: What tunes are you  listening to right now?
Let’s see, I was putting together 1940’s songs for my Grandmother, and I found this amazing song called Praise the lord and pass the ammunition. (all laugh) no joke, “Praise the lord and pass the ammunition, we’ll all go home” Hilarious! I’m like,’dude I gotta re-do that song’. I mean…it does not get more American than that! (sadly it doesn’t)

Stubble: Where are you from?
Stephen: Florida, I am originally from central Florida, and I just moved out to Los Angeles Cali-for-Ni-A.

Stubble: So, you sold your soul for rock n roll and moved to L.A. or the other way…
Stephen: (laughing) Yes, I did, I’m part plastic now, they handed me a drivers license and liposuction certificates, so I’m good.

Stubble: Nice. Alright then, real quick, we’ve got some free association questions ala Howard Stern (you are the master) ok?
Stephen: Sure, sure yeah let’s do it.

Josh: This is Fuck, Marry, Kill Britney, Lindsey Lohan, and Hillary Clinton… Free association don’t even think about it.
Stephen: Ooooo! See uh; see I feel so bad….Ok, I think Hillary’s getting the ole axe here, I think I would marry Lindsey cause she’s just got a little more to go there than the old B, I think.

Josh: Ok, uh… How about Jamie Lee Curtis….
Ooo! You’re killin me!

Stubble: : Hillary Swank, and Haley Joel Osmet?
Stephen: I’m not sure who Haley Joel Osmet is

Stubble: The creepy kid from the Sixth Sense
Stephen: Wow! Wasn’t the other in Star Wars?

Stubble: No, Halloween, and yogurt commercials..
Stephen: Oh yeah, yeah, ok she’s dead. Ok, I’ll take Osmet to hang out for one fine evening. And I’ll marry Hillary Swank. I will hang out permanently with Hillary Swank.

Stubble: If you were to meet Lemmy [Motorhead], would you do speed with him?
Stephen: Wow, no. I don’t…that guy’s scary when you’re not on speed let ‘lone if you get on it, like what? How did we end up in Africa? How did we get here?

Josh: If this is punk rock day camp, who is the hot counselor?
she is with the red hair. : (whistles at passing redhead)

[Pause as we all check her out]

Alex: That’s a guy (roaring laughter)

Jeff: Alright, alright we’ll take it. Will you watch Dog the Bounty hunter if he’s let back on the air?
Stephen: He’s back on the air? No, but my dad will…he was like “now that boy’s a Christian” I was like what? Alright.

Alex: Marijuana; hip or for hippies?
Stephen: Hippies. Yeah, I can’t.. I…Yeah, I don’t understand the Grateful Dead. I feel like if you’re not on acid and your brains not half gone you won’t get it. So I don’t get it.

Neither do we Stephen, neither do we. Thank you to Stephen Christian for hanging out and having a great sense of humor, check out Anberlin on the web.www.anberlin.com and check out the Universal Republic catalog at: www.universalrepublic.com

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