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The Bronx Interview

2 January 2010 No Comment

The Bronx vocalist Matt Caughthran
6/18/08 @ Van’s Warped Tour
Pier 30/32, San Francisco, CA

By Jeff Longo, Josh Kutras,
& Alex Guzman

California’s tumble down punks, The Bronx, stormed onto the scene with a ferocious, in-your-face combination of punk and hard rock that continues to evolve and mature with each release.
Stubble cornered Matt Caughthran at the Warped Tour in San Francisco where we talk about new release The Bronx III, a bit part in the 2007 Darby Crash bio-pic, What We Do is Secret, and a traditional mariachi album on the way…

STUBBLE. How’s the tour been treating’ you so far?
MATT It’s good man, it’s the second day and I love SF it’s a great town except for the Giants… (Laughs)…but it’s good man, it’s good Pomona was so fuckin’ hot yesterday it was unbelievable, but today’s nice man

STUBBLE So I hear you guys have a mariachi record coming out?
MATT Yea, it’s called Mariachi El Bronx and it’s a traditional mariachi record and it’s coming out late September. It’s getting mixed right now; dude it’s gonna be bad ass.

The Bronx @ Warped Tour 09

STUBBLE What songs do you have on there?
All sorts of different Hispanic rhythms going on there, I can’t think of the titles right now, there’s like uh, what is it? Rebunga and uh…

STUBBLE La Cucaracha?
MATT nah man, you guys are gonna trip you’ll see. You know a lot of people expect it to be like a punk rock type thing and it’s not, its straight traditional mariachi record.

The Bronx @ Warped Tour 09

(c) Alex Guzman all rights reserved

STUBBLE: How’d the label feel about that?
MATT: Uh…they don’t even know about it.

Stubble @ Vans Warped Tour Pier 30/32STUBBLE: (Laughs) that’s what we like to hear! So, What We Do is Secret , (story of Germs front-man Darby Crash) I heard you guys filmed some scenes as Black Flag. Have you heard anything on when that’s coming out?
MATT Yea. I have no idea, Jorma said he saw the movie and it was good, you know I haven’t seen it I have no idea when it’s coming out at all (The film is out currently on DVD, a/t the time of the interview it was in a very limited release)

STUBBLE: What song did you do?
Matt: We did Police Story.

STUBBLE: Were you Henry or Chavo or…
Matt: Dude, I don’t look like any of ‘em. So I was just kinda doin’ my thing, it was pretty funny you know? It was an honor to do it, we got to do a song for the soundtrack with Pat Smear, and Kiera played bass on it, that was really cool. Other than that they said action and we just kinda started playin’ you know.

STUBBLE: Earlier before you played History’s Stranglers, you said something about “to the man that scared me the most” and I didn’t catch who you were talking about./
Matt: Oh, it was Richard Ramirez, the night stalker. He was the first guy who when I was young growing up in L.A, he ran through someone’s backyard our next door neighbors backyard, he had killed someone in Pico Rivera where I grew up. He was the first dude that was on the loose that I was young enough to be completely scared out of my mind. That guy scared the shit out of me man, and when the caught him and he just looked crazy he had the pentagram on his hand, it was just yea, he was legit.

The Bronx @ Warped Tour 09

(c) Jeff Longo all rights reserved

STUBBLE: Right on, well we’ve got some free association, wacky, Howard Sternesque type questions for ya
Matt: All right! Let’s do it.

STUBBLE: All right, Fuck, Marry,Kill. Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, or Hillary Clinton.
Matt: Uhhhhhhh, I’d like to fuck Hillary Clinton

STUBBLE: Yeaaa!!
Matt: I would, I would like to fuck Hillary Clinton. I don’t know Lindsey Lohan is kind of a toss up. Maybe I’ll marry her, what was the other choice?

STUBBLE: Britney Spears.
Matt: Britney Spears what am I supposed to do with her? Yea she’s insane, she’d probably be good, like a good hang, like a party buddy you know?

STUBBLE: What about; Jamie lee Curtis, Hillary Swank and Haley Joel Osmet?
Matt: Who is Haley Joel Osmet?

STUBBLE: He is the kid from the Sixth Sense.
Matt: Oh god no! That guy is weird. Jamie Lee Curtis, she’s a man right? That’s the rumor about her.

STUBBLE: A large clit is what I heard.
Matt: You know there’s a rumor that a dick is just a large clit. Like it’s an evolution thing…Cause it’s kinda weird if you go, if you look at like the female anatomy from the doctor poster; it’s basically like kind of a tucked in dick..

The Bronx @ Warped Tour 09

(c) Jeff Longo all rights reserved

STUBBLE: Uh, that’s not a rumor…
Matt: I don’t know that’s neither here nor there.

STUBBLE: If you met Lemmy from Motorhead, would you do speed with him?
Matt: Yea, yea I’ll do speed with just about anybody (Laughs)

STUBBLE: Will you watch Dog the bounty hunter if they give him a second shot on the air?
Matt: Um, no, no and not because he dropped the N bomb, which I’m not a big fan of, it’s just I’ve seen too much of Dog in my life. I’m over it, I’m over it.

Go check out The Bronx when they come to your town.


(printed in ISSUE46)

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