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14 January 2010 No Comment

TAT @ Warped Tour 09 San Francisco

TAT’s Nick Kent
6/2/09 @ Van’s Warped Tour
Pier 30/32 San Francisco, CA
By Tony Schiavo and Alex Guzman


Stubble chased down Nick Kent of the rising British punk band, Tat, after their mind-blowing performance at the 2009 Warped Tour in San Francisco. The band displayed masterful musicianship without sacrificing the raw, old-school intensity that galvanized their audience. Led by vocalist/guitarist Tatiana DeMaria, Tat’s performance sounded almost as good as it looked. STUBBLE was lucky enough to steal a moment of their time on the road to inevitable fame.

STUBBLE: Where are you guys from?
Nick: London, England, but we released our debut album, Soho Lights (2008 Red Wagon Records), here in the States in October.

STUBBLE: Is this your first Warped tour?
Nick: It’s our third, actually. We’ve been doing this since 2006. But we were promised eight shows here, so we had to smuggle our way into the country since we didn’t have visas. We somehow ended up doing 28 shows without getting deported. (Laughs) We got lucky and played with the Bouncing Souls and NoFX, and they took us on tour the next year.

TAT @ Warped Tour 09 San Francisco

STUBBLE: How long will you guys be traveling with the Warped Tour?
Nick: Months! We’re doing the whole thing: every single show.

STUBBLE: You’ve got one hell of a stage presence. Who would you say influenced your performance?
Nick: Well, Tatiana DeMaria, our lead singer, is also the main song writer for the band. She very much likes Stiff Little Fingers, old-school Green Day and that sort of stuff. I came from more of a hard rock background, though. Our drummer, Jake Reed, has done more work with the hardcore punk scene. It all kind of mixes together.

STUBBLE: Who would you say is the hardest partying band out here?
Nick: Well, actually, we haven’t really partied yet! (Laughs) I know, I know, this is supposed to be rock-n-roll, there’s supposed to be all sorts of insanity…

STUBBLE: No sex? No drugs?
Nick: Well, the drugs are just Tylenol and hay fever tablets: all prescription, of course. Maybe a swig of grandpa’s cough medicine (Laughs).

TAT @ Warped Tour 09 San Francisco

STUBBLE: So you’ve toured with some of these bands before, you said?
Nick: Oh yeah, NoFX, Bad Religion….

STUBBLE: You guys never got crazy after the show? I know how they can party…
Nick: When we toured with them in Europe in 2007, they turned the cameras off and we saw some pretty fucked up stuff backstage (Laughs) but seriously, they’re really good guys. They helped us out a lot.

STUBBLE: How do you feel about being in a band that’s led by a beautiful girl, do you ever feel like she’s getting all the attention? Like you might be playing in her shadow?
Nick: No, no! You can’t start thinking that way. I’m cool with it, I love my role in the band. I mean, it’s going to happen: you’ve got a hot girl in the band and everyone’s going to be watching her. But you know, she’s also got a lot of talent and I think she’s earned a lot of the attention by talent alone.

Tat Offical Website www.tatness.com
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