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Cannibal Corpse Interview @ RockStar Mayhem

25 January 2010 No Comment


Cannibal Corpse guitarist Rob Barrett
7/11/09  @ Rockstar Mayhem Festival

Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, CA
Interview & Photos by
Jeff Longo with Tony Schiavo


Cannibal Corpse’s Rob Barrett talks with Stubble at the at the Rock Star Mayhem Festival in Mountain View shortly before their headlining slot on the Hot Topic Stage.

STUBBLE: So you guys have one show under your belt so far…
Rob: We actually did a headlining show about five days ago in Farmington New Mexico. That was our first show.

Stubble: Farmington?
Rob: Yeah, never been there before, but it was pretty good, good crowd, almost five hundred people. It was a good way to get a warm-up show before this Mayhem fest and yesterday was the first Mayhem show and it was sick…


STUBBLE: So you’re headlining the Hot Topic Stage?
Rob: Yep 6:45 we go on, but unfortunately we are only doing like eight songs due to our time limit, like 35 minutes

STUBBLE: So you playing anything off of Evisceration Plague (Metal Blade 2009)
Rob: We are doing a few tracks off the new album. We really have so many songs that it’s hard for us to choose which of the essentials that we’re going to play in 35mins. I think we did pretty well to try and get a song from almost each album

STUBBLE: Well congratulations because that album Evisceration Plague kicks ass and probably goes down as one of the heaviest albums of the year. You worked with a different producer behind the boards…
Rob: Eric Rutan. I actually worked with him on the Kill (2006 Metal Blade) album and he is a great friend of ours. We’ve known him for a long time he was in Ripping Corpse when we first started out. We’ve known him since the late eighties. He is jut a really good producer and has an ear for this kind of metal


STUBBLE: How long have you been with the band?
Rob: I joined in 1993. I’ve known these guys since before the band started. We all grew up together in Buffalo and we were all in different bands…

STUBBLE: How many more times does the management of the Buffalo Sabers dismantle a good team before you stop being a fan?
Rob: (Laughing) This is a sensitive subject…they have to get some better players I think…you like Hockey?

STUBBLE: Fuck yeah…
Rob: It’s my favorite sport…

STUBBLE: So what’s next for you guys? You haven’t been on the road for awhile…
Rob: We’ve actually have been out on the road since the beginning of the year. In February we did Europe with Children of Bodem and another band from Finland called Diablo. That was in February right when our new album Evisceration Plague came out. Then we did a US/Canada tour.

STUBBLE: Today there is a resurgence of metal with all these younger bands, so what do you think about all the younger deathcore bands that come out with the Cannibal Corpse shits all the time? I mean I can count like seven bands that do this.
Rob: Yeah, we’ve become like a standard for a lot of the younger bands and that is a good feeling for us to… confirms that we are a vital band for a lot of younger bands coming up. I noticed especially at this festival that a lot of bands have heavy vocals now days…


STUBBLE: I mean when that rolled out there was like you guys, Decide, Obituary..
Rob: Yeah it’s a really cool compliant you know? A lot of these younger bands saying that we were a main influence that is really cool for us…

STUBBLE: You’re a living legend, a walking legend…
Rob: They say the same thing about slayer you know.

STUBBLE: Are you planning on covering any Michael Jackson songs as a tribute to the King of Pop?
Rob: No we only enough time to do our own material. No covers.

STUBBLE: If you could, which one would you do?
Rob: I don’t know something with guitar

STUBBLE: With all the plastic that MJ has do you bury him or recycle him?
Rob: I don’t think he’s dead

STUBBLE: Me too!
Rob: Tax evasion


STUBBLE: If I didn’t know he was broke…it just seemed a little too staged
Rob: They might of stashed him in one of those baubles he has…

STUBBLE: Last words?
Rob: No just want to say thank you for the interview and we hope to see everyone when were out on tour…

RockStar Mayhem @ mayhemfest.com

Cannibal Corpse Official Site – CannibalCorpse.com

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