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Black Dahlia Murder Interview

31 January 2010 One Comment
Black Dahlia Murder @ Regency Ballroom 10/09/09

The Black Dahlia Murder
Bart Williams Bass
10/9/09 @ Regency Ballroom San Francisco, CA

By Jeff Longo, Josh Kutras,
& Alex Guzman


Stubble hooked up with The Black Dahila Murder in San Francisco at the Regency Ballroom where they were main support for Children of Bodom with SkeletonWitch . Touring their new release Deflorate (2009 Metal Blade) which charted at #43 on the Billboard Top 200 beating out 2007’s Nocturnal which reached #118.

Stubble talks with Bart about new release Deflorate, “get out of Hell free cards“, and dealing with success.

STUBBLE: Are there any neighborhoods left in Detroit?
The city itself is rough, man. Like, there was riots in the 40’s and 70’s, its real rough, people can’t even sell their houses, like when people want to move away, they can’t even get anyone to buy their house, even for like 8000 bucks, you can’t even sell a house, a lot of people just pack up and leave and leave their house just, you know and the people that can afford it anyway, its rough man, the suburbs are nice, it’s a real segregated weird kinda place, the suburbs are rich and nice and you go down to the city and it’s…

STUBBLE: It’s just crazy to see whole neighborhoods just gone, even the crackheads won’t come anymore…
Yeah! It’s just abandoned, it’s like post-apocalyptic almost. You know! It’s like…yeah, its wild man, you drive through some of those neighborhoods its like, fuck! It’s crazy.

STUBBLE: They should let Ted Nugent loose in there.
Bart: Let him set up some hunting grounds? Some wild animals?

STUBBLE: Some Running Man or something? I don’t know…
Bart: I wish it would come back, they’re putting some money into downtown, and umm, we got a new mayor after the whole Kwami thing, craziness that went on.

STUBBLE: I mean you got crazy good sports teams I mean, the Wings, I’m not a fan, but…
Bart: Yeah, I don’t really follow the sports to much, I know the Red Wings are obviously the big deal around there, you know, the Lions are horrible, that’s all I know.

Black Dahlia Murder @ Regency Ballroom 10/09/09 STUBBLE: They got a win…
Bart: They got a win?

Bart: GO LIONS! Go Lions

STUBBLE: The new album is out congratulations, Deflorate? Third week on the billboard charts…
Bart: Yeah man, its crazy! I couldn’t believe that it came out as high as it did on the charts and everything, and that’s just, for a Death metal band, it’s like, you don’t even expect that to happen, you know what I mean? And so, it was crazy.

STUBBLE: We’ve been listening to you guys for years, back since before Miasma, right?
Bart: Miasma was 2005 so, maybe 2004?

STUBBLE: Yeah, and it’s crazy! Then Unhallowed came out, and I’m walking through like, Fry’s electronics and there’s like CD’s and then there’s you know, Black Dahlia Murder and people are buying it, and we went to the Mayhem tour, and there’s tons of kids there, and everybody’s going crazy…
Mayhem was awesome for us, man. It was really cool, there was a lot of good bands and I think it was just, we got exposed to a lot more kids that wouldn’t have even seen us, you know, so it was a good tour

STUBBLE: So, how are you handling the success?
It’s good, we’re stoked about it, obviously you know what I mean? Like um, we’re trying to take this band as far as we can, and I think we have the right players in the band now, especially we got the new guitar player , Ryan Knight, and stepped up the solo aspect of the new record and just trying to keep it rolling, you know? Just keep the momentum going.

Black Dahlia Murder @ Regency Ballroom 10/09/09 STUBBLE: Is it like, you want the bass out more, or less…
Bart: I think I had a vision out for the whole mix, and I think that Jason’s awesome as a producer and I think that we got it, you know what I mean? Just cuz I’m the bass player doesn’t mean I only want to hear the bass

STUBBLE: I just meant more like what would you disagree on? Is it like too much?
Bart: A lot of times, I think the low mids on bass kinda get lost, cuz there’s gotta be a lot room for guitars, that’s what you are mainly looking, on a metal record you want to hear guitars and drums, you know what I mean, I understand that, just fighting for frequencies basically and not being afraid to say what you want.

STUBBLE: Sounds great, sounds full, it just rocks, what’s the concept behind it?
Bart: I don’t know if there’s a concept for the whole record. I think that each individual song has its own thing you know, yeah.

STUBBLE: I saw the cover, that’s a trippy cover; did you guys design that with the artist or just tell him?
Bart: We told him a vague idea, we want it to be bright, we want it to be, cuz our last records were very dark covers, so we wanted to do a full polar opposite.

STUBBLE: Dobson?
I can’t remember the name right now, you should ask Kareem (?) we just wanted something bright and daytime, opposite of everything we’ve been doing.

STUBBLE: Looks good, sounds great, I know you guys are big horror movie fans, any new flicks on the road you guys have watched?
Dude! I haven’t seen anything new in a while, honestly man, like I don’t know, I heard the Halloween re-make was so-so, I didn’t even bother.

STUBBLE: How long you are guys on this tour?
Well, this tour is about four weeks, then we roll right into a headlining tour where we take out Skeleton Witch, so total we’re gone for about two months straight.

Black Dahlia Murder @ Regency Ballroom 10/09/09 STUBBLE: You guys coming back around this way?
Yeah, we’ll come back; it’ll be a few weeks. We gotta go back kinda towards the east coast and we loop back around.

STUBBLE: You don’t have to go that way, take a look around Colorado, come back. You guys ever run into problems with the Christian nation on the road, or has that kinda died down as time goes on?
One show on the Mayhem fest, there was a guy outside protesting the whole fest, whatever, the stuff that he was saying was so stupid, he was like, “I’ve heard these bands and they’re not even good musicians, I’ve played music for thirty years” and blah blah blah, he’s trying to take low blows like, “They’re against God!”, I went out and yelled at him a little bit, but its pointless, It’s just dumb. It was entertaining, I guess.

STUBBLE: I would call them, and let them know where my shows were, and see if they were coming down.
Bart: Yeah, make more of a spectacle out of it.

STUBBLE: One of those guys gave me a “Get out of Hell Free” card
Oh nice! I actually save those, all the little pamphlets; I got a whole box full of little paraphernalia and propaganda.

STUBBLE: What’s the coolest place you’ve played in? Small stage? Big stages?
I guess in Japan, We’ve haven’t been there in a few years now, I’d love to go back. Its just like a whole other, you now like Europe is still kinda, you know a lot of people speak English and its still very comfortable, and we go to Asia, you really feel like your somewhere else.

STUBBLE: Like, “Live at Budokan”?
Japan’s crazy!

STUBBLE: When are you going to come out with you “Maiden Japan” album? Your live album?
That was actually the first show I played live with the band was in Japan, I was just filling in, I’m sure if you heard audio of it, it be horrible because I was so nervous. We had flown straight and came right off the plane right to the venue, no sleep

STUBBLE: When you’re playing, you have lights in your face or can you actually see?
: We don’t have a lighting director, so it’s like everyday its just whoever is up there just does it. So some days it might be real sick and awesome, and some days it might just be oh! white lights on you the whole time.

Black Dahlia Murder @ Regency Ballroom 10/09/09 STUBBLE: It’s so bad, these shitty clubs
Usually I can see the crowd; I like to look at the crowd when we play.

STUBBLE: How long have you been in the band?
Four years

STUBBLE: How are the crowds different now than four years ago, when you first started?
I don’t think that they are that much different, I think that I see maybe, more the young fans maybe than when I started just because of doing those festival tours, I think you get out to some of the younger kids and that’s cool, cuz those are the kids that are going to like you no matter what, they’re less fly-by-night, young and excited, good fans to have.

STUBBLE: What’s Trevor’s Heartburn tattoo all about?
He gets heartburn everyday of his life, and it’s basically a joke, when I saw it I busted out laughing the first time, it’s just funny.

STUBBLE: You guys should partner with like, Macgregor right? Doesn’t he wear the Macgregor sweat shorts?
He’s kinda known for wearing basketball shorts, he had these orange swim trunks that he wore everyday, they would stand up on their own, those finally had to be retired.

STUBBLE: Black Metal is starting to become more popular, if you guys could tour with anybody from that genre?
I would like to tour with Watain (SP), I heard that they smell really bad, that they use a lot of real blood and carcasses.

STUBBLE: They don’t bring em, I thought they were gonna, but they don’t.
: I don’t care as long as I don’t have to be in the band with them, I love the band.

STUBBLE: Ever seen them?
I’ve never seen them, no.

STUBBLE: You listen to their album?
Yeah, I dig their albums, yeah.

STUBBLE: They just signed for the Maryland Death Fest, they’re gonna headline, they’re gonna have a new album coming out, tour, yeah they stink bad.
Yeah, that’s my only reservation that they stink, but I’m down with their jams!

STUBBLE: What do you guys have coming up?
We do the headliner, take out Skeleton Witch, we have a little time off, then we go to South America for a few weeks, then we go back to Europe for this bone crusher thing, just busy busy busy all the time.

STUBBLE: That’s all we got, anything you want to add?
Bart: If you don’t have the record, go get it!

Black Dahlia Murder @ Regency Ballroom 10/09/09

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