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Cremation Chamber Interview

31 January 2010 No Comment

Cremation Chamber
11/11/09 @ Mountain Charley’s Saloon
Los Gatos, California

By  Josh Kutras, Jeff Longo
& Alex Guzman

From San Francisco to San Jose, the Bay Area has long been a breeding ground for metal; be it Thrash, Speed, Grind, or Death. Following with it, a rabid fan base who has kept the torch burning trends be damned. Four of those rabid fans have now come together to form San Jose CA’s Cremation Chamber; whose only agenda is metal up your ass.

Stubble caught up with the furious foursome in Los Gatos CA at Mountain Charlie’s right after their debut show to talk about; the formation of the band, plans for the future and finding the guys at local titty bars.

Stubble:     This is Josh with Stubble Musiczine and I’m here with….
Marcus: Out of San Jose California!

Stubble:     All right, let’s go around one by one who you are and what you do…
Sean: Sean Fluss guitars, guitars.
Marcus: Marcus G, the drum master B. (Sean laughs)
Nicolas: Nicolas Mc Millian Bass
Frank: Frank De La Garza, vocals, guitar.

Stubble:     All right so you guys are outta San Jose CA, about how long have you been around?
Sean: Shit about 5, 5 months…
Marcus: Yeah about 5 months; we’re a new band I think we’re just trying to cover everything from about ’84 to about 2009.

Stubble: Good, good. Tonight was your guys’ first show how did you feel about it?
Sean: It was awesome man, shit I was looking forward to it for a minute you know? We had a show cancelled on us before it really sucked, but uh, this show kinda made up for it, it was pretty cool.

Frank: A lot of positive response from the audience, good response so it’s a good thing yeah, some good ass metal.
: I think it turned out great.

Stubble: Nice. So who are your guys’ main influences? You got a lot of different styles going on…
Nicolas: Black Metal, Classical
: Fuck!…..everybody (everyone laughs)
: The Bay Area, cause I was born and raised here in the Bay Area…
: Thrash, you know Thrash Metal is our roots, I mean we grew up in the Bay so basically you know we been around it all our lives, just trying to capture that whole like, not ‘80’s sound but you know like keep it real, keep that whole live sound going you know? I mean we got everything in between, old thrash beats to fuckin old, just heavy shit you know?

Stubble: So how much material do you guys have are you recording? What’s the plan?
Marcus: We’re in the process right now, we’re gonna cut a demo; try to get this demo out, get a package out to anybody and everybody reading this you know? Hopefully it’s out in the next couple of months so we’re on it, we’re working hard; we just want to hook up with somebody get on tour possibly and show the world what we got to offer, Cremation Chamber.
: That’s right.

Stubble: Who would be your target audience?
Marcus: Anybody who likes metal, if you like hardcore metal with some fuckin’ breakdowns and some speed metal, death metal, and some fuckin’ sludge metal; we do it all! Come check us out!

Stubble: Where can people find you online?
Marcus: Yes! Be looking for Cremation Chamber on MySpace, you can reach us at Cremationchamber@yahoo.com , uh and let’s see…probably at the local titty bars! (everyone laughs)

Stubble: All right, on the sign out you guys got anything to say?
Sean: You know just come check us out man it’s all new it’s all fresh, you know just trying to get that sound out there, we want it. We fuckin’ live for this shit, we’re fuckin’ down for it it’s what we do.
: Tribute to the Bay Area we fuckin’ love you all!
: It’s worth it come check us out, we’re gonna be writing more material and playing more shows. They’re just going to get better and better as we go along, definitely.Nicolas: Definitely.
Sean: Bay Area Metal.

Stubble: Want to thank you guys for taking the time to talk to us; this is Josh with Stubble signing out with….


Cremation Chamber is currently getting ready to hit the studio for a four song demo to be out to the hungry public in the coming months in the meantime;

You can find  Cremation Chamber online


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