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G. Love Interview @ The Catalyst

13 February 2010 One Comment

G. Love & Special  Sauce
2/19/10 @ The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA

Photos & Interview
by Jeff Longo


Stubble talks to Philly’s own ‘blues brother’, G. Love live via satellite (ok, cell phone) from road as they begin a two-month U.S. tour in anticipation of their fourth studio release on Jack Johnson’s label Brushfire Records (eleventh overall) this summer.

G Love and Special Sauce will be throwing down their infectious homegrown brand ‘Funky-blues, hip-soul-rock’ at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz on February 19th, one of eight stops in California alone. (Check Philadelphonic.com for complete listing).

Podcast #1 – G. Love

G_Love (11)

Stubble: So you guys are currently out on tour right now correct?
G Love:
Yeah, we’re out in Tempe Arizona today.

Stubble: You have a show coming up in Santa Cruz CA (Catalyst Club) on February 19th. So what can the fans expect on this tour? Do you have a new album coming out?
G Love
: We’re workin’ on the new record right now which will come out this summer. We’re touring as a four piece right now so; Timo Shanko on Upright bass, the Houseman on Drums and Mark Boyce on the Organs. You know we mix it up man, we got a lot of freestylin’ a lot of improvisation and play stuff from all our records: and whatever hot new shit we’re workin’ on right now.

G_Love (9) Stubble: Did you watch the Super Bowl?

G Love: Yeah!

Stubble: When are we going to see G Love at the Super Bowl? When are we going to stop seeing all these old guys there?
G Love: (Laughs) I guess you’ll see G Love at the Super Bowl when I’m an old motherfucker too!

Stubble: Well, I mean along that same line, shows like the Grammy’s or these award shows and stuff like that, have you ever been invited to any of those?
G Love: I did play a Grammys event a bunch of years ago and got to go to the Grammys in New York.

Stubble: How was that?
G Love: That was pretty cool. You know you have to have a big commercial record to…well, I think that someday, I will…try to go for the Blues Grammy and make a traditional blues record and really show that side of what I do and uh; hopefully that’ll get nominated for a Grammy man! (laughs).

Make this huge power pop record you know, because that is what really wins the Grammys, it’s the power pop shit that wins. I mean Taylor Swift whose actually from Stone Harbor NJ, but come on. She could barely hold a note up there, as much as I think she’s great. I always look at it like this who sells more records: John Lee Hooker, or Justin Timberlake? Justin Timberlake has sold a shitload more records than John Lee Hooker has sold, but can you say Justin Timberlake is a more important artist, a force in music? No, you can’t, …not taking anything away from Justin Timberlake who is great also but, you know; it’s not a contest about whose music is the best, it’s a contest about who sells the most records you know?

STUBBLE: You don’t even need that anymore you know? I think back in the day you did. Like back in the 80’s you needed that kind of support, but now a days you have a built in fan base
G Love: It’s definitely a blessing, you know we been working hard and blanketing the whole country and the world for the last 17 years doing gigs. We live out on the road you know? We put the time in out here. Make sure we get to come play for our peeps you know, as often as we can. Get to all those little towns, G_Love (15) and we’ve shown a lot of time and dedication and I think the people respect that. We always come around and give 150%. That’s what it’s all about. It’s all about the music, and, you know, making a connection. But that’s the thing you can’t control who’s gonna come to your show,…and I started as a street musician so, I used to play all day long for nobody, you know, and when people started coming out to shows I was like damn, you know, then shit starts getting big and like damn! What’s going on, you know? It’s something else, and that’s something I’m real thankful for. Our fans are the best you know, they do give us a lot of power to make the music that’s unique to what we do.

Stubble: You’re out there with your special brand of music, out here in California we have that reggae, rock, funk, type of sound and bands like Slightly Stoopid out of San Diego, 880South from San Jose, and WHOGAS in Oakland...Are you working with any new up and coming artists on this tour?
G Love
On this tour we’ve got a band named Red Eye Empire, who actually does that kind of reggae/rock ‘n’ roll thing and…

G_Love (6) Stubble: It seems to be the new sound coming out of this area.
G Love:
It’s that white boy reggae thing, it’s definitely a big thing right now. So you know for that sound to come back around by a new generation of younger cats that have tapped into those old records…I think that’s awesome you know?

Stubble: I do too.
G Love:
I’m on The Expendables record, their new record, Expendables are a local band that started out in Santa Cruz CA, and I’m actually on their new record which is coming out in April, so um there you have it! (laughs)

Stubble: You guys are going to be appearing at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz CA on February 19th, I noticed on your website you guys are going to be doing a ticket contest, win a pair of tickets, what do we have to do to win?
G Love:
You gotta go on twitter@Glove, you know just G L O V E, and you can sign on our mailing list and enter to win some free tickets for the show.

Stubble: Alright, that’s all I got for you, anything you want to add?
G Love:
You know just really looking forward to getting back to Santa Cruz, and surfing up at 3 mile before the show. Getting in the water and playing one of those clubs we love to play, and we played The Catalyst so many times you know it’s always like comin’ home we’re looking forward to it.

We would like to thank G Love for taking the time out of his busy schedule on the road to chat with Stubble. Catch G Love and Special Sauce on tour now, and look for news on their upcoming release, and tour stops at:


For more of that “white boy reggae thing” check out 880South WHOGAS, & The Expendables


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