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Black Cobra @ Streetlight Records

6 March 2010 No Comment

Black Cobra
2/10/2010 @ Streetlight Records
San Jose, California
Interview by Jeff Longo,
Josh Kutras, & Scott Reese


Hypnotizing and deadly are two words one could use to describe a black cobra in the wild; they are also two perfect words to describe San Francisco CA’s monolithically heavy Black Cobra. Stubble caught up with front man Jason Landrian at Streetlight Records in San Jose CA during part of the fearsome twosome’s in store appearances at Streetlight Records as they prepare to hit the road with High On Fire and Bison B.C.

100210_295 Stubble: What is up man, where are we at today?
We are at Streetlight Records in San Jose CA

Stubble: So they got you tucked back in the corner?
Yeah, right in front of the classic movies (laughs). So yeah it’s quite an honor to be amongst King Kong, so yeah it’s cool.

Stubble: Where are you guys from?
We’re out of San Francisco.

Stubble: How long have you guys been doing this?
Ummm, probably about; Well, since the inception probably been about 8 years; but we only been really touring like real hard for about 4 years now.

Stubble: Yeah, we saw you guys at Slim’s in San Francisco with Bison B.C. and the Sword, and you guys kicked ass! I picked up your CD then, and what was the name of it?
Okay, yeah ‘Feather and Stone’ that was our second release.

100210_203 Stubble: You guys have a new album out now.
Yeah, ‘Chronomega’ on Southern Lord Records.

Stubble: Nice, Southern Lord where are those guys from?
They’re based out of Los Angeles, they got some really killer bands on that label like; sun o))), Boris, Eagle Twin, Pelican now is also on that label. So they have quite an impressive roster; Wino, the Obsessed

Stubble: What genre do you guys consider yourselves?
Bands like; Fu Manchu, and Kyuss which are great bands you know, but we definitely fit in there somewhere, but I think we’re a little more abrasive, and a little more like, I don’t know less groove, I mean I feel like we have grooves, but there less like prominent. We’re kind of a little more along the lines of like early Metallica, for lack of a better thing I can think of right now.

Black Cobra @ The Missing Link Oakland

Stubble: So I was surprised to see you guys are just a two piece.
Yeah, drums and guitar. I play guitar and vocals, and Rafael is the drummer.

Stubble: So do you guys have a bass machine?
No, no bass machine just guitar tuned real low and played through a ton of amps.

Stubble: It’s crazy that amount of sound just comes out of the two of you. Have you ever thought about adding a third or fourth person?
No man, it’s always been the two of us and you know, Black Cobra started with the two of us and will remain the two of us so… You know we started writing and in the beginning we were like oh we’re gonna get somebody, but then we decided to just go with it you know. We played with a lot of different tones with the guitar and tunings and stuff like that, and we kinda came up with something we really liked and felt worked so we just went with it.

Stubble: Who writes the lyrics?
We both do actually.

Stubble: You guys have really cool album covers and artwork, by some really famous poster artists, Like this one (points at a poster at the merch table)
Alan Forbes.

Stubble: Alan Forbes is the man
Yeah, totally he’s a great artist.

Stubble: How did you guys start working with him?
We actually, he approached us at a show you know, introduced himself; and said he really liked us and then uh, some friends of ours the band Acid King had done some work with him and they suggested too like you should talk to Alan cause he really likes you guys, and we we’re like yeah totally. So that’s like yeah how that came about and we just kinda stuck with him up until now and he’s been great, we felt he really understood to what we were trying to do as a band, and where we were like coming from with the minimal lyrical content you know. He kinda understood what we were going for, and he’s very imaginative, and his imagination combined with what we were trying to do fit really well.

Stubble: Anything you want to add?
This is part of our week we’re doing of in stores, different CA record stores. Today we did San Jose CA, tomorrow we’re gonna be in Santa Cruz CA at Streetlight Records, then this Saturday at Thirsty Moon Records in San Diego CA, Sunday at Vacation Vinyl in Los Angeles CA and Saturday night we’re playing at the Relax Bar in Los Angeles The in store shows are all free they’re all ages which is really cool. We’re really stoked on this new release on Southern Lord this is the release week of the vinyl so we really wanted to get behind it, you know kinda just let people check us out for free.

Stubble: Cool man, we’re big fans and we’ll be rooting for you from the sidelines.
Thanks man, we’ll be on tour this spring in April, with High on Fire, Priestess, and Bison B.C. So there’s dates up on our web site www.BlackCobra.net there’s gonna be more added and hopefully some Bay Area stuff and Pacific Northwest so keep an eye out for that and rock on.

We want to thank Jason for taking the time out at the show to talk with us. Check out Black Cobra’s new release ‘Chronomega’ out now on Southern Lord Records. Check them out online for news, merch, and tour updates at:

For all things Black Cobra www.blackcobra.net

Check out the other artists on Southern Lord Records  www.southernlord.com

Calendar of upcoming in-store appearances at Streetlight:  www.streetlightrecords.com

Email the author: Jeff Longo

Interview by: Jeff Longo
Transcription/Introduction by: Josh Kutras
Video Camera: Scott Reese

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