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Alexisonfire Interview @ The Warped Tour

10 May 2010 One Comment

Alexisonfire @ Warped Tour 2009

Wade MacNeil & George Pratt
8/20/2009 @ Warped Tour
Mountain View, California
by Jeff Longo
& Tony Schiavo

Hailing from the wilds of southern Ontario Canada and basing their name on the worlds only lactating, contortionist stripper; Alexisonfire have taken the Warped set by storm. Stubble Musiczine caught up with Lead vocalist George Pettit, and guitarist/vocalist Wade MacNeil backstage at the Shoreline Ampetheater in Mountain View CA stop of the 2009 Van’s Warped Tour. The boys tell us about power skating classes, who they are listening to, and deep sea fishing in Florida.

Alexisonfire @ Warped Tour 2009 Set List

Sinners and Saints
Boiled Frogs
Young Cardinals
We Are The Sound
Heading for the Sun
This Could Be Anywhere in The World

Stubble: You guys kick ass!
George: Good intro! Nice question!

Stubble: I saw you guys in San Francisco at the kick off of this tour, and we couldn’t even get anywhere near the stage, how do you maintain that intensity at every show?
I mean you know it’s… Playing music is something that should be energetic and something that is very fun; and I imagine the second it stops being we will get jobs at factories, you know?
George: (laughs)
Wade: Playing music is amazing, it’s something that moves us and we’re very passionate about; and you know that just comes across when we play.

Stubble: So where are you guys from? How long have you been doing this?
Eight years, we’re from southern Ontario. We’re kind of a grab bag of all around Lake Ontario; Jordan’s from Burlington, these guy’s are from St. Catharine’s, you know three members from St. Catharine’s, and I’m from Grimsby Ontario.

Alexisonfire @ Warped Tour 2009Stubble: So you guys didn’t make the hockey team then?
We went to hockey school you know, everybody went to hockey school.
Wade: I took power skating.
George: You took power skating?
Wade: Oh yeah.
George: Really?
Wade: Oh yeah.
George: That’s wild.

Stubble: Who’s your favorite Team?
I actually follow the Sabres; I’m from St. Catharine’s right across the border. So I’ve always grown up like…

Stubble: Sorry to hear about that.
Could be worse I could be from Toronto and have to deal with that fucking bag of shit! (laughs)
George: I don’t know, I don’t really follow that much hockey to tell you the truth.

Stubble: Big Flyers fan that’s why I ask, born and raised in Philly; so great franchise. How many times do they (Buffalo) have to dismantle a decent team and sell it off before you stop claiming yourself as a fan?
I think uhhh; I’m just going to stick it out. Been in there for a while, you know we’ve had like a lot of great players come through and a lot of great years; and it always seems to be very promising off the start… They usually almost always get into the playoffs, which is the reason me and my dad go to so many games, cause we want to go to those playoff games.

Stubble: Great rivalry, I love those games (Flyers vs. Sabres)
Absolutely, yeah.

Stubble: So, how many albums you guys got out? What’s your latest release?
Four albums, this album, the newest album is called ‘Old Crows/Young Cardinals’; and just came out at the beginning of this tour (June 23, 2009)

Alexisonfire @ Warped Tour 2009
Stubble: How would you guys describe it? What genre would you guys sync yourself into?
I guess we, I guess we’ll always be kind of like lumped in with the screamo genre I guess; but I think that’s something that… screamo has become somewhat of a four letter word for all of us. Uh, you know like things like…so I guess we’re kind of like that, but I think we’ve taken some pretty healthy steps away from that genre with this new record. So, I don’t know you know it’s…
Wade: I think yeah, when we started the band, being a screamo band was not something we aspired to do; but it’s definitely something we weren’t embarrassed about, and it’s kind of uh, it’s turned into hair metal to be honest. We don’t really feel like we have much to do with that, I don’t know if we have much to do with screamo anymore.

Stubble: Well, how is your music evolving? I mean you can’t really play the same thing over and over again.
I mean yeah, we try not to repeat ourselves; but we always try to build on the things we like most about you know playing live, and the things that you know we like the most about our previous record.
George: We’re also like huge culture junkies, we listen to tons of different types of music all the time; and there’s just like a never ending you know like chain of influence going on constantly. We’re always bouncing new records off each other, and we don’t listen to a lot of stuff that sounds specifically like us.

Alexisonfire @ Warped Tour 2009 Stubble: What are you listening to right now that you love?
I just got uh, a brand new Reigning Sound record, and they’re a band out Asheville TN, or is that North Carolina actually?
George: No they’re from Tennessee I’m pretty sure.
Wade: Yeah? And they’re just like a really great garage band I’d say just kind of like…
Both: A rock ‘n’ roll band.
Wade: We both went absolutely apeshit crazy and spent like, a couple a hundred dollars on vinyl when we were in Portland the other day; I got that. I got the new Jay Reatard which was a real bummer; I got uh Vybes Kartel Dubplate’s, um a Pointed Sticks record, a Lollypop Shop record. I got uh the new Riverdale’s, I got some goodies.
George: I got like um, here I’ll go through my Portland list; I got two Goblin records, which are like they did scores to movies but mostly like horror films. So I got the Suspiria soundtrack and the Dawn of the Dead soundtrack. Canned Heat, I got a live Canned Heat record, I got a Blind Lemon Jefferson Yazoo record which I’m pretty like excited about. Trying to think what else I got…
Wade: We got a lot of stuff.
George Yeah we’re kinda all over the place.

Stubble: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened on this tour?
Craziest thing? I don’t know we went deep sea fishing in Florida that was pretty wild.

Stubble: Did you catch anything?
Yeah man, lots of Grouper. We caught some pretty decent sized fish.
Wade: Some Kingfish, some Kingfish too.
George: Yes, we caught some Kingfish, and then um we took it home and they cleaned it on the dock and we went down to a restaurant and they cooked it up for us. So it was pretty good…

Alexisonfire @ Warped Tour 2009 Stubble: You ever get hurt jumping into the crowd?
Uh we had some… it was pretty funny George tried to rip his shirt off…
George: Oh yeah!
Wade: …the other day when he was on top of the crowd, and instead of like uh… instead of it just coming off, it was like a net tethering him to the crowd! And all these kids are ripping at it like… he came off stage and it looked like someone had just been whipping him; all these big deep gouges in his skin it was pretty funny
George: (laughs)

Stubble: (to George) You kind of look like you’re a Baldwin.
A Baldwin!? Right on, I’ll take that, I’ll take a Baldwin.

Stubble: Doesn’t anyone ever say that? From far away at least.
I’ve never got one; I’ve never got that before. But I’ll take it, it could be worse.

Stubble: What’s coming up in the future? Where can we see you? Who you touring with? Who would you like to tour with?
In the fall with Anti-Flag in Europe, and then uh just uh…
George: We’re going to Reading UK, and Leeds UK after the Warped Tour. Doing some Canadian college shows in September and then we probably won’t tour again until February.
Wade: I would hope we can get on the road with Everytime I Die at some point that would make me very happy.

Stubble would like to thank George and Wade for answering our questions during a busy Warped Tour stop; and also for putting up with Jeff’s trash talking about the Buffalo Sabres.


www.myspace.com/alexisonfireFor news, tour dates, album info, and merch


Interview by: Jeff Longo, and Tony Schiavo
Intro,outro and transcription by: Josh Kutras

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