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The Holdup Interview @ The Avalon

27 May 2010 No Comment

The Hold Up @ Avalon Nightclub 4/20/10

The Hold Up
4/20/10 @ The Avalon Nightclub
Santa Clara, California
By Jeff Longo
& Alex Guzman

The Holdup’s fierce blend of reggae, hip-hop, pop and rock have gained them a loyal audience  audience & opening slots with national acts like Steele Pulse and Yellowman. The HoldUp will release ‘Confidence’  (2010)  their much anticipated follow up  to last year’s ‘Stay Gold’ (2009) both on Dub Rock Records in July.  They will be touring the West coast in support this summer featuring stops at California Roots Festival (May 29) and a slot on the local stage at  Live 105’s Annual blowout concert BFD featuring the reunited  Sublime w/Rome, The Deftones, Silversun Pickups,  Spoon, Against Me!, & like 25 more.  Stubble Musiczine’s Jeff Longo and Alex Guzman caught up with the guys before their opening gig for Afroman at the Avalon Nightclub.

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Stubble: So let’s go around the room real quick and introduce yourselves.
I’m Kyle and I play the bass.
Clev: I’m Clev, the manager and DJ.
Danny: I’m Danny, I bang on stuff.
Mike: I’m Mike, I play guitar and sing.

Stubble: So you guys had some great news recently right?
Clev: Yes, we’re playing BFD* Live 105 at Shoreline Amphitheater, which is huge for us so we’re excited for that. It’s happening June 6, 2010 and Sublime is headlining that, and Hole is back, and same with the Deftones. A lot of come backs, it should be good.
(*A long running summer concert in the SF Bay Area, put on by radio station 105.3 fm. ed.)

Stubble: How would you guys describe the music you play in The Holdup?
It’s really; I think it’s a lot of different genres, not really blended all together. It’s more like a bunch of different songs, and each song would like display a particular genre really well.

Stubble: What would you call that?
I would say our song flavor right now is reggae, we do some hip-hop, we do a lot of pop stuff, and we’re kinda touching on the indie stuff right now.

The Hold Up @ Avalon Nightclub 4/20/10

Stubble: You guys have an album out?
Stay Gold which came out March 9th of 2008. We’re getting ready to do the follow up which is the next album ‘
Confidence‘; it’ll be out in the next 2-3 months. The album Stay Gold did really good, made the top 100 on iTunes. I think the highest we went up was #23, which is pretty good.

The Hold Up @ Avalon Nightclub 4/20/10 Stubble: So right now seems like the time for this genre, it seems like Sublime really blew this thing up no one has been able to fill that hole. You know the sound crosses nearly every genre.
Yeah, that’s what everyone has been saying recently it’s getting ready to pop. You know we’re just kinda doin what we’re doin, we’re not just trying to stay limited to that sound though, cause obviously we want to do other stuff. Mike knows, we’re trying to do more modern stuff that’s happening now…
Mike: I don’t think a lot of people connected those dots that Sublime was more than just reggae, like that California Reggae vibe. They had sooo many different genres put together, but people didn’t see it cause the reggae stuff was up front more.
Clev: You know just mixing it up, cause if you asked who we all listened to you’d be surprised. The outcome is just so different; you know we’re listening to Dre, Three 6 Mafia, Hank the 3rd…
Mike: It’s just kind of a thing of being bored you know? It’s like not sticking to just any one genre, it’s just live in it for a while and move on.

Stubble: Clev you’re a busy man! You’ve also got a radio show right? 103.3 KSCU?
Yeah, we play a little bit of everything. That’s our only way to get our hands in every aspect of the music industry. You have to be doing radio, contacts, designers, booking, management; all angles. The radio helps us push our own music, as well as other music we like.

Stubble: Where can we find you guys at?
Everywhere; Facebook, Myspace, Amazon, iTunes, CDBaby…
Mike: DubRockmusic.com
Clev: If you go to Google and type in The Holdup and we’ll pop up.

Stubble would like to thank all of the guys in The Holdup for taking time out to talk with us. You can get the CD and keep up with show info, and other news for the Holdup at:


Interview by: Jeff Longo& Alex Guzman

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The Hold Up Tour Dates
May 27 2010 Bombay’s Bar and Grill – Ventura, California, US
May 28 2010 Santa Barbara House Party MORE DETAILS to COME! Santa Barbara, California, US
May 29 2010 The Holdup @ California Roots Music Festival Monterey, California
Jun 6 2010 Live 105 BFD Shoreline Ampitheather Mountain View, California
Jun 25 2010 The Catalyst Santa Cruz, California
Jul 9 2010 the reef Boise, ID
Jul 10 2010 the reef Boise, ID
Jul 11 2010 Whiskey Jacues Ketchum, ID
Jul 25 2010 Belly Up Tavern Salano Beach, CA
Jul 27 2010 The Catalyst Santa Cruz, CA
Jul 28 2010 Slim’s San Francisco, CA
Aug 12 2010 Downtown San Jose San Jose, California

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