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Trent Reznor Releases Free EP

5 June 2010 No Comment

Well that didn’t take long.  Seems like just last year Trent was riding off into the sunset on a “extended” hiatus, a long musical hibernation. Wait, that was last year and the tour was even called “Wave Goodbye”, but with Trent its all in the details. If you pay close attention Trent never says that he is taking a break rather “its time for NIN to disappear for a while”, big difference. However, all is not lost as things aren’t always what they seem with this guy.

Enter How To Destroy Angles, the self titled debut EP released on howtodestroyangles.com is comprised of current wife Mariqueen Maandig (lead vocals), producer Atticus Ross (With Teeth, Year Zero and Ghosts), and Mr. Reznor. NIN fans will find that not much has changed. Sonically it echos his instrumental work on Ghosts I-IV except vocals are turned over to wife Mariqueeno who paints a striking contrast against the barren and desolate industrial soundscape her husband helped mainstream.

In a Q/A session on Tumblr, Reznor stated:

“This EP is an artifact of the very first experiments we tried together. We were going to wait until we had a large batch of songs and then distill them down from there, but we liked this first collection and decided to release them. I would expect the next release to sound a bit more focused as we discover more about our combined chemistry.”

THE EP IS FREE TO DOWNLOAD FROM: http://howtodestroyangels.com/

1. “The Space in Between” 3:35
2. “Parasite” 5:05
3. “Fur-Lined” 4:00
4. “BBB” 3:31
5. “The Believers” 5:36
6. “A Drowning” 7:04

By : Jeff Longo
Photos: Tony Edwards

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