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murs interview @ The Aggie Theatre

14 June 2010 No Comment


05/06/10 @ The Aggie Theatre

Fort Collins, Colorado

Interview By Mike Hill


Since 1993 hip hop MC murs has maintained a feverish work ethic without any signs of slowing. He has collaborated with a variety of artists,  organized a successful underground festival Paid Dues, started an online comic,  and now has a slot on Guerilla Union’s hip hop blowout Rock The Bells Festival featuring: Snoop Dogg, Slick Rick, Rakim, The Wu Tang Clan, and many more.  Stubble Musiczine had a chance to catch up with murs while still rolling on his Fornever and a Day tour with 9th Wonder.

Stubble: First off congrats. You’re half way done with the Fornever & A Day tour. How’s it going so far?

murs: Oh its goin man, everybody’s live i’ve been having a lot of fun, touring is my favorite thing.

Stubble: Lets talks about the new album, Fornever, with 9th Wonder…

murs: In stores now came out April 13th, this is the 4th album with 9th wonder

Stubble: What studio did you record the new album at?

murs: Purple Reign studios in Inglewood CA.

Stubble: How important was it to bring 9th wonder to LA to record this album?

murs: It was very important. It added a change to our usual dynamic it made us more comfortable, and I think it gave him a different energy and maybe a more West Coast vibe. It was good to kinda trade places (they recorded the last 3 albums in 9ths’ neck of the woods. ed) so it was good.

Stubble: So tell me about the features on the album.

murs: Kurupt has been working with me for a while, I did a couple of songs for his album Streetlights. I don’t think it made the final cut but it might be on the DVD. So, I called him up to do a song for my album, he came in laid it flat down we had a good time; it was really inspiring for 9th, he’s a big fan. Then, Suga Free just happened to have the same management, and as far as hooking up with DJ Quik I’ve personally been a big fan for years, so we just made it happen.

Stubble: The Paid Dues Festival, it’s been a West Coast all stars line-up since the first dates in 2006; what’s been your inspiration for the tour?

murs: My inspiration has definitely been Kevin Lyman and the Van’s Warped Tour. He’s been doing it for 20 years and it’s been great, so I wanted to do something for my brothers and my fans. I wanted an outdoor festival where kids could come instead of some dirty ass club on a week night to see us perform. Instead of like Summer Jam, or those main stream radio festivals where some kid would come back from spring break and say “I saw 50 Cent”. I want a kid from our scene to say “Well I saw murs, and I got a shirt too. I was hangin out with kids that was into what I’m into.” Cause there was nothin like that for me growing up. I had to beg my mom to take me to see Wu Tang Clan in a downtown warehouse at night. Paid Dues is somewhere parents can feel safe leaving their children; and for the adults, they get to see something on the weekend during the day because they got work during the week. You get to see all the acts in one spot for a good price, and maybe smoke a little marijuana.

Stubble: What’s goin on with PopCult?

murs: It’s a collective of different comic book artists, video game artists, authors, and different people from the hip hop generation that network and help each other out. We had our first party last year at the 2009 Comic Con, and we’ll have another one this year. I’ve hooked up with Josh Blaylock and we got an online comic called, MerchGirl together. It updates every week and has a new song every month related to the chapter. The first song is called ‘She’s so lost’, and to me it’s probably the best song I’ve written in 2 or 3 years, it makes me excited to write again. The books are about a girl that goes on the road with her boyfriend and all the shit she catches with that, I think it’s something everybody can relate to…

Stubble: Let’s talk about the Felt albums

murs: That’s something we (murs & Slug) started in 01-02, and may have just come to a conclusion this year we may do another album we may not. I’m happy we made it to 3, cause to work with a artist as prolific…wait that sounds to flattering. An artist that put out that much shit its amazing to me, the fact that we came out with 3 cohesive projects that don’t sound rushed or forced; and we don’t do it for the money we don’t do big tours behind it or big singles, we don’t do a lot of press or magazines or interviews. I do it because he’s my homie I learn a lot every time we do it, and it makes me a better rapper for it. Being that we’re both workaholics, that gives us an excuse to hang out, he’s probably one of my best friends in hip hop, and maybe in the world. We can’t get together with out working, cause we’re both such workaholics and that’s the time we use to catch up and just chill.

Stubble: Did you work with Jim Mahfood personally on the Felt album comic book counter part?

murs: Yeah, Jim Mahfood’s a friend of mine, maybe as long as I’ve been friends with Slug. And when it was time to do Felt he was a fan of both mine and Slugs stuff, so I said to Slug we should do a comic book. At the time Jim had a deal with Image Comics, so he world draw it and distribute it and things just worked out. I went to his house a couple times and he would show me what he was working on, but he’s so good at following the script and making our songs so interesting visually. To read it was on point, he was like the 4th member on that record.

Stubble: You’ve worked with some big names, The Grouch, Aesop Rock, Scarub, 9th wonder; who do you think you work with the best? Or you get the most inspiration from?

murs: Slug I would say, hands down that’s as good as it’s gotten for me. There’s not even much said, he takes the beats I tell him what the songs are about and it just works; nuff said it just works. He definitely produces the songs “Say it like this, don’t say it like that”, “You got it right that time.” But for some reason it works, its magic; I hate to use that term but its true, for some reason we just click.

Stubble: So what’s in your bin at your local comic books store?

murs: Awww man I was actually just reading comic books between interviews, Doom War anything with Black Panther, Incredible Hulk, anything with Hercules; mostly Marvel stuff. I just picked up Stumptown, I try not to buy anymore books but I have to. I’m really all about the writers so anything that’s underground and anybody who’s good to me; Guardians of the Galaxy, but mostly Marvel. I grew up on Batman and Robin as a kid, and the new book just came out Tuesday so I’m lookin forward to reading that.

Stubble: So the name, or should I say acronym, I’ve heard a lot of different variations, what’s the real deal?

murs: I’m retired from that it’s just a name man, just a name. There are t-shirts, posters, hundreds of different acronyms online; it could mean what ever you want it to mean. It didn’t originally start out as an acronym, and it doesn’t always have to be capitalized.

Stubble: What’s next?

murs: Couple things; got an album coming out called ‘The Melrose’ with my boy Terrace Martin it’s a really raunchy x-rated sexy record. And I did a punk rock record called ‘The Invincibles’ with a band called Whole Wheat Bread out of Jacksonville FL. Also doin a little collab with Psycho Realm, that should be out later this fall. Also merch-girl.com that’s free to check out and maybe Varsity Blue comin out at the end of this year…

Stubble would like to thank murs for taking time out while maintaining a busy schedule on the road to talk with us. Also, a big thanks to Megan at Juggernaut Sound for making this interview possible.

Check out all things murs at – mursworld.com

and – myspace.com/murs

Interview, transcriptions and intro by: MikeHill

Editing, and intro by: Josh Kutras and, Jeff Longo

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