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The Maids of Honor Interview

21 June 2010 One Comment

The Maids of Honor
Lex van den Berghe & Greg Camp
6/13/2010 @ Laundry Works Reunion
Club Rodeo San Jose, CA
by Jeff Longo
& Josh Kutras


“It’s a new movement of music called Geezer Rock,” declares Lex van den Berghe, lead vocalist & drummer for The Maids of Honor (Frontier Wives, Luckydog, Survivor); “and we’re here to fuckin’ spearhead [it]!”

Stubble catches up with the Maids of Honor before their headlining set at the Laundry Works Reunion @ Club Rodeo in San Jose, CA. We reminisce about the glory days of the Laundry Works, a rib joint/live music club that for a brief period in time literally just let the music play.

Stubble: This is Jeff with Stubble Musiczine, and I’m down at the Rodeo Club in San Jose, and I’m hanging out with…
Lex: Lex!
Stubble: …and you guys are with?
Both: Maids of Honor

Stubble: What are we doing down here today?
We are celebrating the lovely short life span of the club Laundry Works.
Lex: Which was legendary, legendary in its day. What? Twenty something years ago…

Stubble: So give me a little history about the Laundry Works.
Lex: The music scene out here before all that was kinda shit; but there were a lot of bands starting to get together, a lot of people making good music. And a few things kinda converged at that point; you had First Strike which was a collective of musicians that decided that there was more strength and safety in numbers…
Stubble: Kind of like a union.
Lex: …yeah, more strength in numbers, than people trying to do it on their own. Then there was this little club called Laundry Works that was around, thanks to the hard work of Dean Hessler who ran it, for what? About a year and change.
Greg: Yeah.

Stubble: The Laundry Works was actually a rib joint wasn’t it?
Yeah, it was like a rib joint in downtown San Jose, San Pedro square. And this guy Dean had an idea like “Let’s just do some live music” and it just happened there was a harmonic convergence that happened to coincide with a lot of bands, wanting to do something, make something of themselves; a music scene kind of spawning, and of all places San Jose. And for a while it was a seven nights a week music club that created all sorts of musicians, that went on to do much bigger and better things. Like Greg for example (points to Greg)

Stubble: So everyone here today has played with, or been involved in some type of band at that time?
Pretty much.
Stubble: So you played with who?
Lex: The Frontier fucking Wives.
Stubble: …and Greg?
Greg: The Heroic fucking Airmen.

Stubble: (laughs) So the Frontier Wives are playing today? I mean the Frontier “fucking” Wives?
Frontier Wives are playing yeah, we’re playing around like seven tonight and the Maids are playing at nine. It’s like an 8 band bill tonight, I mean you got a combination of people here that have kept playing, and some people that haven’t actually picked up an instrument in like twenty years; and decided “Shit, let’s do it for this show!”.

Stubble: It’s been really kick ass so far…
I have to say, I’m watching Kooch Bahar right now, well not right now but I was. They are having so much fun, and it’s like arrested development you know? All of a sudden they’re little kids again, and they’re up their having so much fun.

Stubble: Are they still playing now? Because they sound great, they sound tight.
Totally, and I heard they’re gonna actually start playing shows now. They haven’t played shows in twenty years, they got together and got like eight practices together, practiced way more than any of us did! (laughs) They got it together because it sounds great, but I think it totally just gassed ‘em enough and rejuvanted their interest and excitement. So I think they’re gonna keep doin’ it, it’s a good thing!

Stubble: The Maids of Honor: I caught you guy’s live 4 or 5 months ago, and great show. The self titled album sounds great, and it’s out now on…
Pretty much everything; iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon etc…

Stubble: Tell me a little bit about the album, how are you rolling it out? Do you have any shows coming up? How’s the world gonna hear this?
We’ve got a show coming up July 2nd , at Coasters in Santa Cruz. It’s like the Boardwalk Bowl, that’s on the Friday before 4th of July. We’re working right now on getting shows in Southern California; we’re also talking about putting out an EP pretty soon.
Greg: We’re just writing, writing songs trying to keep it together.

Lex: We actually drank enough beer this weekend, that between us and Scott Long; who’s the guy, the lead guy in the Frontier Wives, the singer. He actually, he coined a term last night and actually gave it to us… So this is a scoop for you guys at Stubble…
Stubble: Exclusive!
Lex: …because you guys scoop, ok. News flash- we are, we just decided what it is that we do. It’s a new movement of music called; Geezer Rock. This is gonna be a big thing because, if you look around there are a lot of bands that are over 40 right? And they’re kind of embarrassed about it and trying to make themselves look younger, maybe comb over style or whatever. But we’re owning the geezer, if you’re 40 or over and you’re playing in a band; you’re part of the Geezer Rock movement. And we’re here to fuckin’ spearhead, and just move this movement and make it a big thing. Geezer Rock.

Stubble: So any messages for the fans out there?
Yes, come see Maids of Honor, listen to Maids of Honor, uhh buy Maids of Honor records, check out Maids of Honor videos on YouTube…
…that’s right.
Greg: We’re probably gonna be making some more really soon.
Lex: Support your local music scene…
Greg: …especially Maids of Honor!
Lex: We’ve been starting kinda slow, but we’ve placed songs in about 5 major network TV prime time shows. We had like ‘Chuck’ and ‘Mercy’ um ‘Dirty sexy money’, ’10 things I hate about you’… So I mean it’s been happening, I mean all of us we play music, but we don’t know the business side of it.

For all things Maids of Honor: news, tour dates, album info, check them out at
Facebook.com  Myspace.com/themaidsofhonor

Interview by: Jeff Longo & Josh Kutras
Transcribed by:
Josh Kutras
Edited by:
Jeff Longo

Video Cameras: Josh Kutras
Video Editor: Jeff Longo

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