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Skeletonwitch Interview @ The Regency Ballroom

21 June 2010 One Comment

10/09/09 @ The Regency Ballroom
San Francisco, California
By Jeff Longo, Alex Guzman,
& Josh Kutras
Photos 2010 © Jeff Longo
All rights reserved


The high priests of Midwestern darkness SKELETONWITCH are leading the thrash revival. Preaching year round touring and an explosive stage show Skelotonwitch has caught the eye of the metal masses landing them a coveted spot on the 2010 edition of Ozzfest (featuring Ozzy, Halford, Kataklysm, Kingdom of Sorrow, & many more). Stubble literally bumped into lead screamer Chance Garnette, and drummer Derrick “Mullet Chad” Nau outside of the Regency Ballroom SF after their opening set on the Children of Bodom and The Black Dahlia Murder tour.

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Stubble Radio #4 – SkeletonWitch

Stubble: Where are you guys from?
We are from Athens Ohio, a little college town. Um, it’s a really tiny little college town when there’s no students, there’s no town. It’s a good time.though, lotta fuckin’ weed to smoke, Derrick grew up there his whole life

Stubble: So you guys are from Athens Ohio, not Georgia…
Yes sir.
We get confused with that a lot sometimes, but no dude you’re right Ohio.
Stubble: Do people get it confused with where REM is from sometimes?
There like “You’re from where REM is from!” No dude, we’re actually not, there’s no one from Athens Ohio.

Sarah Jessica Parker is from real close by…

Chance: Nelsonville?
Yup, which is about a stones throw from Athens…

Stubble: I’ll bet she was a slut in high school…
Dude, I don’t know she’s a lot older than me. I was hoping she’d be barking up my tree by now but…No such luck.

Stubble: She’s got a big horse face, but a nice body…
Dude, I like that ugly hot!

Stubble: Do you do the David Lee Roth thing on tour and grab a shitty old ten speed and check out the towns you’re in after the show?
Nahh, I am not good with a bike. I tried to ride…
Chance: I’m not trying to ride a bicycle, I’m 37 years old I’m riding a motorcycle!
Derrick: I rode with some friends of mine and I hated every second of it. I ended up putting the bike in someone’s car, and got a ride home. I was like fuck this, I’m not riding home.

Stubble: You guys have a new album out?
Yeah its out October 13th.

Stubble: Who did you guys have behind the boards on that?
We did the album with Jack Endino; he did the new Toxic Holocaust, 3 inches of blood, and things like High on Fire, he did Nirvana- Bleach…
Stubble: What’s the name of the album?
Breathing the Fire and you know with metal today a lot of it sounds too digital, or just too mechanical, that’s a better term than digital because digital is everything now. We just wanted to go with big drums that sound like drums, guitars that sound big and warm, you know like Rock ‘n’ roll sounding. And with Jack having that background of never doing, as far as I know, a band that is really going to go ahead and blast beat ya, I thought it would be a good match. If he did Nirvana, which is really the most organic thing ever, what would a Nirvana recording guy do with Skeletonwitch material? I was really interested in that, like that’s what I want! Because soon as we smoke weed man we’re not trying to drive machinery, we’re playing instruments! (laughs) So, uh I think it came out perfect, just what I was looking for, and I think that’s the first time I’ve ever recorded an album that I was stoked when it was done.

Stubble: How long you been doing this?
Um, you know I’ve definitely been in the bands that you go and play a show and you get stoked on every show, I mean we still get stoked on every show, but every show back then wasn’t so frequent. I’m playing daily now which is my fucking dream come true to play daily, but you know when you first start out you’re like “Man we got two shows in a month!” It’s a big fuckin’ deal! I’ve done that so much it’s just like, ughh got in a fight, we’re done, bands over. You know, I’m 37 I graduated in 1990, so I guess since ‘90ish been in and out of bands that suck. (laughs)

Stubble: That’s how you do it right?
Well, yeah! Nobodies in their very first band I believe, I mean maybe somebody. And uh, Big Red, the big redheaded kid in our band stage left; Nathan he’s my brother. So I’ve been in a lot of bands with him, and just to be in our basement as kids and you know I played drums forever, this is the first band I’ve ever been a singer in, Skeletonwitch. Nates always been our guitar player and we been in… I don’t even know maybe four bands together, four failed attempts…

Stubble: Who do you count among your influences?
We love Overkill
Stubble: Nice, up top!
(goes for a high five)
Fuck yeah! That was a high five, you guys heard that! Yeah, we love Overkill, I remember Nate being in high school, myself already been graduated and uh, we weren’t touring musicians; he went to school and I worked a stupid job. Every time they would come through we would always be there, I must have seen them like 17ish times.

Stubble: You guys have a great stage show, how important is it to bring that element to the live performance?
I believe the shows need to be something other than dudes shredding their ass off, but not moving a millimeter, just looking at that guitar neck like “Dudes, I’m totally shredding your face off right now!” Yeah but dude, you haven’t moved a fuckin’ inch! Have fun dude, don’t look so serious, and move your god damn feet! So yeah, I think heavy metal should be larger than life, it should be a show it should be fun, it should be over the top, a release. To me that’s what it is.

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Interview by: Jeff Longo , Josh Kutras , and Alex Guzman
Written by: Josh Kutras
Edited by: Jeff Longo

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