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Interview with Bay Area vocalist MaryJayne

7 July 2010 No Comment


Interview with MaryJayne
May 2010
@The Venue
Santa Clara CA.
Interview By: Josh Kutras

I was pretty shy during my teenage years, and didn’t start pursuing music until about 6 years ago.”Born with an inherited love of music, and gifted vocal abilities, Bay Area vocalist MaryJayne is ready to share her passion for the musical arts with the world. With a number of guest appearances on projects ranging from Hip Hop to R and B, and a bevy of live shows under her belt MaryJayne is ready to step out to center stage. Stubble had the chance to catch up with MaryJayne to talk about her new independently produced, and released album ‘The Inside’, guest collaborations, and playing live vs. singing in the studio.

Stubble:How long have you been singing?
I’ve been singing for about as long as I can remember, either in musical theater, choir, karaoke, or just singing around the house with my mom she’s an amazing vocalist. I was pretty shy during my teenage years, and didn’t start pursuing music until about 6 years ago.

Stubble: You have a new album out now, tell us about it.
Yes, my debut album “The Inside” just came out in February of this year. The title means to me that all the songs on the project have come from inside my heart and head, they’re all directly related to experiences in love and life that I’ve gone through or that those close to me have gone through. I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Stubble: What is the scene like in the Bay Area?
I really enjoy the scene in the Bay Area, there is so much talent here it’s unbelievable. Here in the South Bay there is a big focus on Hip-Hop and Rap and I don’t hear quite as many vocalists, so I am always on the hunt for new singers to work with to try and expand that. I love collaborating with other talented but unknown artists,you know showing that there is great music beyond the mainstream.

Stubble: When you write, where do you start? Beats first or do you constantly compile lyrics and place them as you go?
When it comes to writing, it really depends on my mood, level of inspiration at the time, and what material I have to work with. I get a lot of instrumental tracks from producers, and i’ll just sit and vibe out to it until I get a feeling and the words just start flowing. Some of my favorite lyrics I have written though have just popped into my head without any music, and then i’ll try to find a melody that works.You know record an A’capella version, and have someone build music around that.

Stubble: Any collaborations on the new album?
Yeah, there I have two vocal collaborations on the album. The first is JFloe on the song ‘Take it Back’, he’s a great MC also from the South Bay. The song touches on rekindling broken love, taking it back to the beginning, it’s very near and dear to my heart. The second is Nathan Alexander on ‘Tricks’, Nathan is an amazing R&B singer from Virginia I met on MySpace; which is actually where I also met the majority of producers on the album. ‘Tricks’ focuses on the games and tricks that people often play in a new relationship, and tells both sides from a male and female perspective,it’s one of my personal favorites on the project.

Stubble: Who was behind the boards for your new record?
I recorded all but two tracks with Rico Fernandez at Apocalypze Studios in Sunnyvale, CA. Rico is one of the best engineers I have worked with, and I couldn’t have gotten the project done without someone like him helping me along. ‘Poker Face’ and ‘Tricks’ were recorded with Just Call Me Chris at The HUT, another talented MC, producer, and engineer that I loved working with.

Stubble: What inspires your music?
A lot of what inspires my music, the lyrics mainly, is just getting things off my chest. It’s always been easier for me to write what I really feel in a song than to communicate it otherwise, it allows me to express thoughts and feelings that I might not usually be able to articulate. And love, as cheesy it sounds, love inspires me. I don’t always show it, but I am definitely a romantic and matters of the heart are what I enjoy writing about the most.

Stubble: Do you enjoy recording, or playing live more?
It’s tough to say whether I like recording or performing more. I am not necessarily one who loves the stage. I mean I do have a tendency to be shy and let my nerves get to me, but there’s also something really pure and easy about singing a song in full for a live audience. Especially a’capella, that’s when I feel like I can really let go and showcase the best of my abilities. I love being in the studio and hearing my writing come to life, but I can also be critical and impatient sometimes, so it is frustrating if something doesn’t come out exactly as I had envisioned it. At the end of the day though, I will put in as much time as it takes to make the song sound exactly how I want it.

Stubble: What’s in store for the future?
Well, my true passion in terms of the business side of music and making a career out of it, is writing. I’ll always be a singer and continue to put out my own projects, singing is something that I never really want to be like a “job”, it’s the fun side of it for me.I mean i’m much more ambitious when it comes to writing and would ultimately love to write for popular artists, you know have my songs heard that way. I write songs pretty often that I can hear other artists performing, songs that don’t fit my style, so I think it would be amazing to write for a variety of talented artists from different genres. Right now i’m going to Berklee Music School online to attain a degree in Songwriting and Music Business in hopes of making that goal even more of a reality.

Stubble: Where can people find you online? Find your music?
You can find my music online on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, Napster, and more online vendors soon by searching for: MaryJayne.I also have physical copies of the CD which will be available in Rasputin stores very soon, or you can buy it by emailing me at mj@maryjaynemusic.com

Stubble: Any parting words?
Thanks for taking the time to talk with me and learn a little more about where I’m coming from as an artist. I truly hope that people enjoy listening to my album, and enjoy the music to come!

Check out all things MaryJayne at – myspace.com/maryjayne

Interview,intro,transcriptions, and editing by: Josh Kutras
Edited by: Jeff Longo

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