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Korn Interview @ The Rockstar Mayhem Festival

17 July 2010 No Comment
KORN @ Rockstar Mayhem Mountain View CA

© 2010 Jeff Longo

Korn “Fieldy”
7/11/10 @ RockStar Mayhem

Shoreline Mountain View CA
By Jeff Longo, Alex Guzman
& Josh Kutras

Korn wants you to”Remember who you are,” oh and buy their new album Korn III Remember Who You Are (2010 RoadRunner) out now. We catch up to “Fieldy”, writer/bass player for nu-metal giant Korn, at the Mountain View stop on the RockStar Mayhem Festival. On the second stop of the 26 city summer tour we talk about the new stage show (pyro baby), alien crop circles, and his work on ‘A Song for Chi’.

Korn is co-headlining the RockStar Mayhem Festival with horror metal maestro Rob Zombie along with Lamb of God and Five Finger Death Punch, this is easily the metal event of the summer. The Second stage includes Hatebreed with Chimaira, Three Inches of Blood, Shadowsfall, In this Moment, Norma Jean, Atreyu on alternating stages.

StubbleTV – Korn/Five Finger Death Punch

Stubble: How’s it going?
Fieldy: Chillin out, just started this tour, hanging out.

Stubble: How did the first show go?
Fieldy: It’s a massive, big show. Every band has a lot of like production, its huge man.

Stubble: What can we expect from your show tonight? You got any fire, any midgets, inflatables?
Fieldy: We do got some pyro, it’s a big set, I don’t really want to give it away, it’s pretty cool though. It’s always fun to come to a concert where the band has some big stuff, not a lot of people do it anymore.
Stubble: No chance of you setting your hair on fire with any of these pyrotechnics right?
Fieldy: Not on purpose.

KORN @ Rockstar Mayhem Mountain View CA

© 2010 Jeff Longo

Stubble: So you have a new album coming out, is that in August?
Fieldy: No it comes out on the 13th of this month.
Stubble: So Korn III, why the name change?
Fieldy: Well, we worked with Ross Robinson on the first two Korn records. He did this one with us, so we figured this is the third record we did with him and we kinda started with him, so it kinda just felt right.

Stubble: How did the crowd react to the new material at the first show?
Fieldy: Nobody knows it yet, so they reacted just like I thought, nobody knows it, what do you do? So you just listen you know? We only do three new ones, which for me… I mean I don’t know, you know, you gotta start somewhere, see who’s feeling what. The one song that we have out, Oildale (leave me alone), people love it, I mean that’s been out on the radio for a while…

Stubble: Yeah, you guys busted that on Jimmy Kimmel the other night and I noticed the crowd already had the words down, you’ve got a pretty die hard following.
Fieldy: Yeah they know it. When you do the new stuff they don’t know it yet, but in a couple of days they will.

Stubble: So are you going to come riding out on your new Harley?

Fieldy: Oh yeah, it’s out there! I got a Harley I did up, I put stickers all over it, I spent a lot of time on that thing man.
Stubble: Do you ride?
Fieldy: Yeah.

Stubble: So, you guys recently played in a crop circle?

Fieldy: Yeah.
Stubble: What was that all about?
Fieldy: There’s like four guys in the world that do that, and they get these big boards and rope, and like smash the…
Stubble: So it’s not aliens?
Fieldy: I mean no, yeah there’s some aliens that did it. Nah, it’s pretty crazy though it’s a big project.
Stubble: Is it in the middle of nowhere?
Fieldy: (nods his head yes) We did a concert in the middle of nowhere, for nobody, we just did it. In the middle we just jammed out songs, just feeling the vibe you know,creating a vibe.

KORN @ Rockstar Mayhem Mountain View CA

Stubble: So you guys are working doing that Song for Chi?
Fieldy: I did that.
Stubble: How’s he doing?
Fieldy: He’s doing better, he’s at a stage right now where he’s starting to open up his eyes and move around. I’m still in contact with his mom; he’s doing a lot better.

Stubble: I hear you’re working on a side project?
Yeah it’s called Stillwell, I play guitar in that, and it’s got Wuv from P.O.D on drums, the vocalist’s name is Q. The albums almost done it’s called, Surrounded by liars.

KORN @ Rockstar Mayhem Mountain View CA

© 2010 Jeff Longo

Stubble: So is this you’re your project, are you writing all of it?
Fieldy: I did do all of the musical writing, me and Q work together, you know kind of a team.

Stubble: Is it a different outlet, you know stuff you can’t play in Korn?
Fieldy: Absolutely, stuff I do with Stillwell no way I could pull off with Korn. Here, I got some picks (hands Jeff and Josh Stillwell picks) I got picks now because I play guitar in Stillwell! You know, I never had a reason before to have picks because I don’t play with a pick in Korn, you know I mostly slap the bass. I thought about making thumbs, throw out a thumb, throw out a thumb (gesturing throwing thumbs into the crowd).

KORN @ Rockstar Mayhem Mountain View CA Stubble: Will we ever get a chance to catch Stillwell? You gonna do any touring? I assume you’re going to be busy with the release of the new Korn album, when can we expect to see some Stillwell?

Fieldy: It’s almost done, so we just gotta find a way to release it…
Stubble: I’ll release it for ya!
Fieldy: How you wanna do this?
Stubble: Just send it over and I’ll…
Fieldy: Throw it on…
Stubble: We’ll door to door it, one at a time. We’ll stuff envelopes…
Fieldy: That’s the way to do it! One fan at a time!

KORN @ Rockstar Mayhem Mountain View CA Stubble: Anything you want to say to the vast audience that is Stubble?
Fieldy: Pick up the new Korn record, Korn III (Remember who you are) it’s out July 13th; it comes with a whole live DVD… It’s not even live, it’s almost like a video for every song, I like to have a visual you know? I even did it with Stillwell where every song has a video to it.
Stubble: Did you work on any of that?
My partner Sebastian, who has shot a lot of video for Korn, he does the videos. Is this for me? (grabs a can of Rockstar)
Stubble: It’s for you.

KORN @ Rockstar Mayhem Mountain View CA Stubble: How does it feel to be a Rock star? Since we are at the Rockstar Mayhem festival…
Fieldy: It’s really not for everybody, but if you love to travel, you love to be on planes, there’s a lot of traveling involved. I’m cool with it, but now that I have four kids and my wife at home, if it wasn’t for them I’d love this. But being away from the family makes it a little bit harder, so it’s like (shrugs)

Stubble: So is Korn going to tour after Rockstar? You guys doing the States, going to Europe? What’s the plan?
Fieldy: Yeah, we’re going to Europe, we’re doing some shows with Ozzy over there, um Europe and Japan right now, and then from there I don’t know, we’ll be out there look for us!

Set List
Shoreline Amp. Mountain View CA 7/11/10
1. Oildale
2. Here to Stay
3. Pop a Pill
4. Let the Guilt Go
5. Falling Away From Me
6. Did My Time
7. Freak on a Leash
8. Blind
9. Shoots and Ladders
10. Clown
11. Got the Life

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RockStar Mayhem Festival Tour dates and info RockStarMayhem.com
Interview by: Jeff Longo, Alex Guzman Josh Kutras

Transcribed by: Josh Kutras
Video Cameras: Alex Guzman
Video Editor: Jeff Longo

All Photos © 2010 Jeff Longo StubbleMusicZine.com all rights reserved

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