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StubbleTV – The Dillinger Escape Plan Interview @ Warped Tour

1 August 2010 2 Comments


The Dillinger Escape Plan
Greg Puciato (lead vocals) and Jeff Tuttle (guitar)
6/26/10 @ Van’s Warped Tour
Shoreline Amp, Mountain View CA
By Jeff Longo and Alex Guzman


StubbleTV invades the Van’s Warped Tour: we catch up with Greg Puciato and Jeff Tuttle at the  Mountain View stop for a surprisingly candid conversation surrounding the myth and legend that has become  The Dillinger Escape Plan.

StubbleTV: What is the myth and legend that is Dillinger Escape Plan?
Myth? The myth is that we have gigantic penises…
StubbleTV: Wow
Greg: and the Legend…
Jeff: But the true story is that gigantic doesn’t begin to describe it. That’s the truth.
Greg: Where myth becomes legend

StubbleTV: Are we going to see these gigantic penises ?
Never,never, however Stubble would be the place to do it.
Jeff: I got some stubble down there.

Watch the rest of this compelling interview on our Warped Edition of Stubble TV
Dillinger Escape Plan @  Warped Tour 6/26/2010

Photo Sideshow – Dillinger Escape Plan Warped Tour 2010

The Dillinger Escape Plan are widely credited for pioneering the matchcore movement, a sub-genre best described by Stewart-Panko as a “dynamic, violent, discordant, technical, brutal, off-kilter, no rules mixture of metal, hardcore, prog, math rock, grind and jazz.” Over the last decade they have built a devout fan base, achieving cult like status with chaotic, often violent (mostly to themselves) live performances.

Option Paralysys (2010)  peaked at #5 on Billboard Heavy Rock Chart

Interview by: Jeff Longo, Alex Guzman
Video Cameras:
Alex Guzman
Video Editor:
Jeff Longo