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Kittie Interview @ Berbati’s Pan 9-14-2010

28 September 2010 No Comment

Photo By: Kristina Sisti

Morgan Landon – Vocals/Guitar
9/14/2010 @ Berbati’s Pan
Portland, Oregon
By James Miller
Edited by Jeff Longo
Photos by Raymond Ahner


In 2009 Kittie celebrated their tenth anniversary and released their fifth full length release “In The Black”.   Since then the ladies from Ontario have had a single featured on the Saw IV soundtrack and  toured to packed houses across Europe and North America with the likes of DevilDriver, God Forbid, Insane Clown Posse, and Coolio.   Founding member Morgan Lander sits down with Stubble in Portland and talk about life on the road, hanging in a “man’s” world, and how fans are receiving In The Black.

Stubble:  Have you ever played here before (Berbati’s Pan)?
: Every so often, about once a year but we have never been to this venue. We have played I think Rock and Roll Pizza before and another venue that I can’t remember.

Stubble:  Do you like Portland? Do you enjoy playing here?
Yah actually it is Rad. It is definitely one of those cities that has good vibes. We have been walking around all day. I went to Voodoo Donuts and purchased some evil treats and yah it was good vibes, I don’t think I have ever really been in the downtown area, it seems pretty cool.

Stubble: How is the tour going so far?
It is awesome, kind of a short one, unfortunately this is kind of like the last few dates of the tour but so far it has been really really fun, the guys in DevilDriver are awesome. They are a great band and super cool people.

Stubble:   What is it like hanging out with those guys?
Cool, super cool… yah, totally rad dudes. You know, it is nice to meet bands that have the same sort of work ethic as you and everybody’s cool and making new friends is always fun. It’s like high school.

Stubble:   Did you know any of those guys before?
I actually had met Dez like 10 years ago when he was still in Cold Chamber and I have met the bass player, Miller before because he had previously dated somebody in a band that we have toured with before.

Stubble: I’ve got to go way back and ask this.  What was it like touring with Slipknot?
Uhh, it was pretty crazy… I mean for us that entire time was definitely an interesting experience. I mean, It was right when, for us, things were really starting to really really happen and it was definitely a kind of whirlwind situation. We were sort of in the eye of the storm, everything was, you know, within our camp very calm but there was a lot of media hype and a lot of things going on around us.

Stubble:   Was that your first album (Spit 1999 EMAC)?
Yes, and around Slipknot as well, at the time I mean, a lot of the places that we played with them were nowhere near the size of venues that we play now. So, that was sort of at the time when they were starting to get a lot of recognition for their first album as well. that was about a year or half a year after that first Ozzfest that they did when things really started to happen for them. They were kind enough to take us along for the ride and I think a lot of that helped with our first album as well.

Stubble:  So how has “In the Black” (2009 E1 Music) been received?
It has been awesome, uhh new label for us, and it is just nice to have a nice stable home where the label wants to help out. I mean, we have had a really really interesting and exciting year you know, doing some headlining stuff so the opening stuff, like I said, I mean, we have literally been headlining for 10 years. I mean obviously it’s beneficial financially or whatever but for us it was more about perhaps maybe taking a little bit of a hit to show people what we are all about now musically as opposed to what people perceive us as and the idea of the first album because that is 10 years on.

Stubble:  I love the sound, it is unreal. Obviously this is a very male dominated genre, so how did that work out? How did you come up?
Well, to be quite honest with you, I don’t really see anything to anomalous about what we do. I mean yes, it is quite obvious, we are an all female band and there aren’t a lot of women that do what we do in metal but I believe our upbringing was no different than a lot of people who choose the path of playing music. I mean, there is nothing that strange about women gravitating toward heavy music. There are all kinds of female fans.

Stubble: Yah but it is SO heavy, Its really dynamic I mean it is really outside of the box…
Yah well, I guess, I mean there aren’t very many women in the world that do what we do but that doesn’t mean there aren’t women in the world who don’t appreciate metal. 50% of every audience that I have ever gone to see metal show wise, is usually female. But I mean like I said, there is nothing really that stand-outish about how we were raised or whatever, our parents weren’t like in a death metal band or anything. My parents were regular suburban kind of people no musical bones in their body at all, nobody had a hobby of playing instruments or whatever, we just grew up on the kind of music that they listened to and once we sort of became of an age where we wanted to have our own identities we sort of gravitated toward, I guess, guitar oriented music.

Stubble: I read the Bio, and it seemed like there was music in the house that was influential…
Oh yeah, they were definitely music fans, they just weren’t musicians. They weren’t stage parents or anything like that, they just loved music and were always listening to different stuff. My first concert was Ted Nugent…stuff like that and In a way that definitely helped shape my ideals about what music should be and the style of music that I eventually ended up playing, you know, guitar driven rock metal.

Stubble: Do you guys party together on this tour? Do you get time together outside of playing music?
Oh yeah! Every day is a party… every day is Friday night. It’s true, absolutely, absolutely. I mean, I wouldn’t say to like Motley Crew excess or anything of that nature but this is all we’ve known and all we’ve done for 10 years. You know what I mean? Some days I feel my age and I want to go to bed at midnight or whatever but some days I am drinking til 5 o’clock in the morning…you never know. The fun of touring is the adventure of not knowing what’s right around the corner. You know what I mean? It is like you are in a place where you are sort of in a traveling circus and the only people you really know are the people that are out with you on tour with you and you become a band of traveling circus freaks and you have to make the fun…the party travels with you.

Stubble: So I know what’s next, you guys are obviously going on but what is next for the band? It seems like you have kind of mixed things up, people have come and gone, different labels… what do you see in the future?
Yah you know, it has been an interesting ride for us for sure but you know the music industry is wildly different than it was 10 years ago and all kinds of things have changed so obviously bands have to adapt and we have done just that. We want to make this happen and make it work no matter what, that has always been out motto. So obviously with line changes and label changes you just have to roll with the punches.

Stubble: Is there anything else you want to say?
“In the Black” in stores now, On E1 and if you want to check out any dates, see what Kittie has been up to, we have a multitude of websites:

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