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GWAR Interview @ Regency Ballroom 11-21-2010

25 November 2010 No Comment

Oderus Urungus
11/21/10 @ The Regency Ballroom
“The Bloody Pit of Horror” Tour featuring – GWAR, The Casualties, Infernaeon
San Francisco, CA
By Jeff Longo,  Alex Guzman, & Josh Kutras


Check out GWAR on TOUR NOW in North America and their brand new release The Bloody Pit of Horror out now on Metal Blade!

Stubble: Tell me about the show tonight? Who are you gonna kill?
We’re gonna kill Lady Gaga, We’re gonna kill Sarah Pallin. I’m gonna beat the shit out of a bunch of intergalactic cyborgs and I believe I’m gonna take a piss on everybody for the encore.

GWAR @ Regency Ballroom 11/21/10GWAR @ Regency Ballroom 11/21/10

Stubble: How come at the Regency I can’t bring in a piece of gum but you take a piss all over the place?
I don’t fucking know. I don’t run policy at these fucking places. All I know is they pay me a lot of money to show up here and do my dirty fucking business…I don’t understand these questions. I don’t know the answers to these questions. All I know is that we are here to do a fucking gig and we are going to kick some ass tonight. San Francisco is one of our favorite places to play and we are going to deliver the goods tonight. Its going to be an amazing show.

GWAR @ Regency Ballroom 11/21/10

Stubble: You know how some bands put on masks and make up to get a bigger appeal? Do you plan on doing the opposite…like coming out in suites…
No. I just don’t understand these costume bands. You know if you’re afraid to be yourself…you really don’t have anything worthwhile to offer. I mean I can wear a costume. I can dress up like Pac Man or whatever, but that wouldn’t be me.   As it is you get the real Oderus right here, 100%, authentic, unadulterated, completely real, that’s me.

Stubble: Well Jim Morrision is about to be pardoned for public nudity from back in the sixties, how can you still roll out with your shredder (Cuttlefish of Cthulhu)?
Because they would just like to pretend that we just don’t exist. They would like to think that this thing is not real (referring to Cuttlefish of Cthulhu). All I can say is I’m here, I’m queer, I’m going nowhere near.

Stubble: Any last words?
: Hail GWAR San Francisco we fucking love you. Twenty five years is not enough lets do another twenty five thousand more.

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The Casualties @ Regency Ballroom 11/21/10
The Casualties

infernaeon @ Regency Ballroom 11/21/10

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Interview by: Jeff Longo
Video Cameras: Alex Guzman
Editor: Jeff Longo
All Photos © 2010 Jeff Longo and Alex Guzman StubbleMusicZine.com all rights reserved

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