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Ted Nugent @ The Catalyst 8-19-2010

27 November 2010 No Comment

Ted Nugent @ The Catalyst 8-19-2010

Ted Nugent w/Val Halla
8/19/10 @ The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA
By Jeff Longo
and Josh Kutras

Ted Nugent @ The Catalyst 8-19-2010 “I always felt you mother-fuckers deserved me. Say, thank you Uncle Ted!

The faithful began lining up at the venue early. The line of fans was wrapped around the corner as they anxiously waited for the doors (bar) to open. Inside the stage was flanked by an anti-artillery machine gun,a 4ft grenade, some buffalo skulls with red glowing eyes, a metallic compound bow, and the largest American flag north of Tijuana. The lights dimmed and the show began with a ‘shock and awe’ cover of Star Spangled Banner. Here we go.

Ted Nugent @ The Catalyst 8-19-2010

Pure American attitude screamed out of his signature Stars and Stripes Gibson Les Paul special as the place erupted. Age has clearly not had any affect what so ever on Uncle Ted. Long gone is the loin cloth wearing madman but that’s about it. Wielding his six string like a .50 caliber machine gun Ted stalked the stage like he was twenty, unleashing a full battery of classics right from the get go: ‘Stormtroopin’, ‘Wango Tango’, and ‘Free for All’.

Ted Nugent @ The Catalyst 8-19-2010

Ted Nugent @ The Catalyst 8-19-2010 “Wild” Mick Brown, founding member of Dokken, pounded on drums, matching the aggression and pace note for note, as well as journeyman Greg Smith of Alice Cooper, Rainbow, Alan Parsons, Blue Oyster Cult, on bass. The trio were flawless throughout the two-hour set as they hammered their way through Terrible Ted’s catalog of hits leading up to crowd favorites Cat Scratch Fever, Stranglehold, and Great White Buffalo.

In the first forty five minutes, Uncle Ted had only blasted through about four or five songs. This was mostly due to long interludes in the middle of every song where the Nuge makes outrageous claims and statements that were hilarious. Here are a few of our favorites:

Ted Nugent @ The Catalyst 8-19-2010“American soul music baby. Soul music. I’m a black mother-fucker, that’s what I am!”

“You can’t do this in Mexico! You can’t do this in Canada! You certainly can’t do this in San Francisco!”

“You got a great fucking state here. Too bad everyone in charge is a brain-dead soulless piece of shit cocksucker. Too bad.”

“Today I am sixty-two years clean and sober!” The crowd unanimously roared their approval. Saluteing with drinks held high.

“I always felt you mother fuckers deserved me. Say Thank you Uncle Ted.”

The reply was instant, deafening, and very slurred

“Thank you Uncle Ted!”


Written by: Jeff Longo and
Josh Kutras
Edited by: Jeff Longo
All Photos © 2010 Jeff Longo all rights reserved stubblemusiczine.com

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