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Val Halla Interview @ The Catalyst 8-19-2010

27 November 2010 No Comment

Val Halla
8/19/10 @ The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA
By Jeff Longo, Josh Kutras, and Andy Morris

Val Halla @ The Catalyst 8-19-2010 Join Stubble TV for a intimate conversation with singer/songwriter Val Halla from the Catalyst in Santa Cruz, where in a few hours she will open for the madman himself Ted Nugent. A country girl from Regina Saskatchewan Val was “discovered” when a friend of the Nuge caught Val’s set in some out of the way, bull-shit bar, “I did a little acoustic show in Waco TX to about 40 people…one of his (Terrible Ted) best friends was at the show and said you have to hear this girl.” A phone call was made, a trip to L.A. to sing on a demo with Ted, and a few weeks later booked on Ted’s new “Trample the weak, hurdle the dead,” 41-city North American tour (also the title of his forthcoming album 2011).

Val shares her incredible story, talks about her new, self released/financed album ‘No Place’ which is out now, secret pre-show rituals (she has to curl her hair before every show!) and lessons on how to properly say Regina. R E G I N A.

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Interview by: Jeff Longo
Video Cameras: Andy Morris
Editor: Jeff Longo
All Photos © 2010 Jeff Longo StubbleMusicZine.com all rights reserved

Val Halla @ The Catalyst 8-19-2010

Ted Nugent @ The Catalyst 8-19-2010

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