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StubbleTV – Cancer Bats interview @ Metro Operahouse

23 January 2011 No Comment

Cancer Bats – Liam Cormier
1/20/2011 @ Metro Operahouse
Oakland, CA
By Jeff Longo, Alex Guzman

“Grown-ass men were taking off their shirts and punching their best friends in the face! That’s what Oakland’s doing,” said Liam Cormier vocalist for Toronto hardcore punks the CANCER BATS. Stubble talked with Liam just after their blistering set at the Metro Operahouse about their latest release ‘Bears, Mayors, Scrapes, and Bones’ (Distort 2010) featuring a must hear cover of The Beastie Boys “Sabotage”, lessons on how to command a metal crowd, racial profiling at the Canadian border, and a sing along to the ‘Immigrant Song’. All this and more on this edition of StubbleTV.

Cancer Bats @ Metro Operahouse 1-20-2011

The Cancer Bats are on tour supporting Southern California’s DEVILDRIVER on their 2011 “Bound By The Road” North American tour which kicked off in Oakland and comes to a close in Albuquerque, NM on February 10. Also appearing is BAPTIZED IN BLOOD. For current tour dates click here.

To see the entire interview click here StubbleTV

Stubble: I have to say that was a great set.
We don’t do a ton of metal tours like this.
Stubble: Yeah I thought it was a weird little match up, but not really…
We started playing and it just went off. The kids up for it up. Adults we up for it. Let’s not say kids, grown-ass men were taking off their shirts and punching their best friends in the face! That’s what Oakland’s doing.

Stubble: So whats coming up for you guys?
Keep mixing it up you know? Those dudes in there are down with the fact that we sound punk or like Black Flag. Then we go on tour with Rise against and those kids are stoked that we have metal


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Interview by: Jeff Longo
Video Cameras: Alex Guzman
Editor: Jeff Longo
All Photos © 2011 Jeff Longo StubbleMusicZine.com all rights reserved

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