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Stubble TV – Job for a Cowboy Interview @ Slims

13 May 2011 No Comment

Job for a Cowboy
5/4/2011 @ Slim’s
San Francisco, CA
By Jeff Longo, Josh Kutras


Stubble ran into Metal Blade recording artist Jonny Davy (lead vocals) of Job for a Cowboy at Slim’s in San Francisco. We discuss the upcoming release of their new EP Gloom, recording a full length release this summer, and Jamison whiskey. JFAC is currently on tour throughout the US with new label mates Between the Buried and Me and the Ocean with special guests Cephalic Carnage.

Stubble; How is the tour coming?
Right now we’re on tour with Between the Buried and Me, The Ocean, and Cephalic Carnage. Tour’s been going great. Good friends with Cephalic and BTBAM so it’s real easy for us, just hop in the van and meeting up with friends everyday. Honestly not a whole lot going on we’re putting out an EP next month on Metal Blade Records and taking some time off to write a full length.

Stubble: Gloom, is that what it’s called?

Stubble: So you guys are going to play a new track off that tonight?
Stubble: What is name of it?
Jonny: Its called ‘Signiture for Starving Power’.
Stubble: You guys have the craziest names for songs. What is your writing style, what do you write about?
Jonny: Honestly all the last records, even our EP (2011 Gloom) are really political. From one way or another. Our EP is about propaganda in the mainstream media, so kinda been following that.

Stubble: Last time I saw you guys was at the RockStar Mayhem Tour (2009) and what shocked me was the crowd was just singing along…
We’ve been really lucky to have amazing fans and study our music and really figure out what we are talking about. No Mayhem was definitely one of the funnest tours we’ve ever done.

Stubble: You guys killed it. Do you ever get stage fright?
No. Honestly, I drink a lot of whiskey before I go on. I guess even if I did that kind of diluted it.
Stubble: What is your brand of whiskey?
Jonny: Jamison.

Stubble: Can you make more money in Europe these days than the US?
Ah, its honestly a toss up. There is so much money to get out in the first place. There’s plane tickets, you usually got to rent come type of vehicle, rent gear. But yeah of course you can totally make money over there.



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