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Stubble TV – Bloody and The Hollowbodys

10 June 2011 No Comment

Bloody Mess & The Hollowbodys
5/29/2011 @ The Red Hat
Concord, CA
By Jeff Longo


Stubble met up with infamous punk front-man Bloody F. Mess, who recently crawled out of a self-imposed retirement, has joined forces with Oregon’s The Hollowbodys. Bloody rose to fame in the late eighties with appearances on the Phil Donahue Show and Rolanda, opening for GG Allin on the legendary “Hated in the Nation” Tour, and as John Wayne Gacy’s BFF. We talk about the Ready Willing Unstable tour, upcoming live release from Black and Blue Records, a new 7-inch single ‘Tramp Stamp Blues’, and conjugal visits with serial killers.

Bloody F. Mess &The Hollowbodys @ The Red Hat 5-29-11

Stubble: Where are you guys from? The Hollowbodys?
Chris T. Baggins:
Southern Oregon
Bloody Mess: Medford, a.k.a. Medrock!
Stubble: How the hell did that happen?
Chris T. Baggins:
Rock and Roll happens everywhere.
Bloody Mess: Chris is originally from Peoria. Long story short he said lets get this show on the road, we’ll help you out, we’ll back you up; and The Hollowbodys they do their own thing as well. So it works out great man.

Bloody F. Mess &The Hollowbodys @ The Red Hat 5-29-11

Stubble: So what are you guys doing tonight,two sets?
Chris T. Baggins:
Yeah we are doing two sets. Depending on how the crowd is we will be doing a Bloody set or a Hollowbodys set. We’ve been doing that each night.

Stubble: So are you planning on releasing anything together?
Bloody Mess:
We got so much going on. We just shot a video in Peroria. We’ve got a 7 inch coming out. We have a live CD coming. The Hollowbodys have a song being included in the new Gary Busey movie ‘Blood Mansion’.
Chris T. Baggins: We were in the right place at the right time. Kevin from Crush Studios, he’s like ‘hey I need a song for a movie’ and I’m like I have a song for movie…we have an instrumental surf punk song called ‘Sharktopus’, it was made for B-Horror movie.
Bloody Mess: We were sitting in a hot tube in Scottsdale Arizona talking business and that’s what happened afterward!

Stubble: This is the last night of the tour?
Bloody Mess:
It’s the Ready willing Unstable Tour. Eleven city US tour. Last show tonight in Concord and quite frankly my vagina’s twitching.
Chris T. Baggins: Its been twitching a lot, we burned it last night.
Bloody Mess: Its a sad state of uterism.
Stubble: That vagina has been dead for years.

Bloody F. Mess &The Hollowbodys @ The Red Hat 5-29-11

Stubble: You have done a lot of stuff. So how many bands have you played with?
Bloody Mess:
Probably like eight or ten. Its my twenty-eighth year, so I started out in the early eighties and went through a lot of bands but this is the best band ever.

Stubble: So what brought you out of retirement?
Bloody Mess:
This guy (Chris T. Baggins) said lets keep it going man, I said fuck it man, I’m done, I’m bored. He said, well I got a great band we’ll book a tour, we’ll do your old school stuff and resurrect this fucking thing. I’m like ok and it worked its been going fabulously so yeah its been great. Its definitely an old school show. Its definitely different than any of the bands today. What were doing is a lot different than what we are seeing on the road.

Stubble: So how would you classify yourself?
Silas R. Shand:
Loud, fast, sleazy, rock and roll.

Stubble: So are you planning on using any serial killer art work on the album?
Bloody Mess:
No that was a phase, we do have a “Tramp Stamp Blues” 7-inch coming out
Silas R. Shand: We shot a video for it as well.
Bloody Mess: We’re collecting ‘tramp stamp’ photos from girls across the country, and guys, and we are going to use them as the actual artwork on the 7-inch, so if you got a ‘tramp stamp’ we want it.
Silas R. Shand:If you got a ‘tramp stamp’ send it our way.
Bloody Mess:(whispers) You could be famous.


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