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Stubble TV-Buried At Birth

12 June 2011 No Comment

Buried At Birth
5/25/2011 @ The Blank Club
San Jose, CA
By Josh Kutras, Jeff Longo, &
Alex Guzman


This next one is a love song, it’s called Smashed in the face with a fistful of bricks. Buried At Birth front woman Veronica Mars tells the crowd in a calm manner, before declaring all out sonic war with said love song. Started in 2010, San Jose CA’s Buried at Birth are taking no prisoners, “The one defining thing throughout all our music, is it’s always super intense.” With a plethora of live shows, a self-titled EP, a west coast summer tour and an upcoming full length release Buried at Birth are ready to put the hurt on any crowd brave enough to take the ride. Stubble caught up with maniacal quartet at the Blank Club in San Jose before a gig.

Stubble:What’s the history of Buried at Birth, how did you guys start, where did you meet?
Ryan:So… the history goes like this-A guy who’s no longer in the band Dave, and I started the band in late 2010. We started playing some shows, and members changed came and went; and now we’re here and we’ve got a million shows under our belts and some records.

Stubble:For people who have never heard you guys, what’s the Buried at Birth sound, what’s it all about?
Ryan:It’s San Jose power violence.
Donovan: It’s kind of an amalgamation of a bunch of different genres. A little bit thrash, got elements of grindcore, a little bit of metal. But it doesn’t really fit into one sort of category it’s kind of all of those all at once, and none of ’em at once.

Watch the rest of this interview above or CLICK HERE



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