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Stubble TV – Black Veil Brides @ Warped

9 July 2011 No Comment

Black Veil Brides
7/2/2011 @ Vans Warped Tour
Mountain View, CA
By Jeff Longo, Alex Guzman, &
Josh Kutras


In 1973 Kiss built a global army around kabuki style make up and their love for rock ‘n’ roll. Little did they know that they had just given birth to four of the most recognizable larger than life characters rock has ever known. Nearly 40 years later Black Veil Brides from Hollywood CA are attempting to do the same thing.

Taking the metal world by storm in 2010 with “We Stitch These Wounds” (Billboard #36) and their latest release “Set the World on Fire” (Billboard #17) BVB are creating their own army. Stubble spent some time with drummer Christian “CC” Coma at the Vans Warped Tour ’11 Mountain View CA stop, and talked about starting the tour, his musical influences, beer for breakfast, and more.
Black Veil Brides @ Warped Tour 07-02-2011

Stubble: Dude how the hell are you doing?
Awesome had a beer for breakfast.

Stubble: How is the tour going? Is this your first Warped tour?
It’s actually the first Warped tour I attended I didn’t even come as a fan. Good time meeting people making friends

Stubble: Where are you guys from?
Based out of Los Angeles.
Stubble: Big surprise.

Stubble: I just heard about you guys, you’re blowin up, you have a new album out?
We have 2 albums out, our newest ‘Set The World on Fire’ on Lava/Universal Records. We charted pretty decently 17 overall on Billboard, #2 on the Hard Rock Charts, and #3 on the rock charts. Definitely have our eyes at the top but not bad for a sophomore release.

Stubble: How is the music scene in LA these days?
Its going really well. We grew up the sunset strip where Motley and all those bands did. We’re a Hollywood band, we’re always doing shows on the strip and gong to bars and the Rainbow.

Stubble: Are you guys a Nikki Sixx cover band?

Black Veil Brides @ Warped Tour 07-02-2011

Stubble: How is Andy doing?
He is doing better. His first show with us was yesterday. He did surprisingly well. He has three shattered they gave him three months to recover and he’s back in two weeks.

Stubble: What brought on the aesthetic and who are some of your influences?
We have tons of influences as a band but I listen to dubstep drum and base, electronica to Slipknot, Kiss obviously, Motley Crue, you know with band we are just ourselves, we don’t care what anyone else thinks, it’s been awhile since there was a larger than life band out there.

Stubble: If Warped tour is Punk Rock day camp who is the hot councilor?
Haley Williams. I’ve been waiting for her to come on tour, every CD with Paramour I draw a heart on it.

Black Veil Brides @ Warped Tour 07-02-2011

Stubble: Have you texted a picture of your penis to anyone?
Not on this tour yet. But we’re early on. As long as your face isn’t it you’re OK

Stubble: Is there any possibility you’re one of Arnold Schwarzenegger illegitimate children?
No, I wish with that trust fund, get the fuck out here!

Stubble: If you meet Lemme from Motorhead would you do speed with him or if you have meet him did you do speed with him?
I’ve meet him at the Rainbow didn’t do speed with him, never done speed but I don’t know man if he sneaks it into my drink you know I wouldn’t say no.


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