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StubbleTV – Suicide Silence Interview @ RockStar Mayhem

24 July 2011 No Comment

Suicide Silence
7/10/2011 @ RockStar Mayhem Fest
Mountain View, CA
By Jeff Longo, Alex Guzman, &
Josh Kutras


Stubble caught up with Suicide Silence guitarist Mark on the second stop of the Rock Star Mayhem in Mountain View California moments after their crushing set on the Revolver side stage. The boys from Riverside did not disappoint as they rampaged through fan favorites Wake Up, Unanswered, Disengage and No Pity for a Coward as well as three new tracks off of “The Black Crown” (Fuck Everything, You Only Live Once, and Slave To Substance).

Suicide Silence’s “The Black Crown” is released on Century Media and sold just over 14,000 copies in the States in its first week to debut at position No. 28 on The Billboard 200 chart. “No Time To Bleed” also charted at No. 32 on The Billboard 200 chart in 2009.

Stubble: You had a great crowd, we just caught your set, and the new material sounded great. You just released “The Black Crown”
Yep The Black Crown comes out on July 12th, yeah its sweet

Stubble: So you just released a track with Jonathan Davis right?
“Witness the Addiction”

Stubble: How have the fans reacted?
Yeah people think we’re sell outs. We decided to write a song that’s super low and we’re gonna write this and if we cant get Jonathan Davis on this track then we’ll probably not put it on the record. We wrote it so he could be on it. The way that it is the way that the chorus hits and the way that the chords go it’s basically a Korn progression. We took the influence and wrote the song for him.

Stubble: You have some other guest on Black Crown also…
Yeah we have Korn and Suffocation on our record. That’s is where our influences are in the roots of old school death metal and when we were in elementary school and listening to what was happening in heavy metal at the time. You cant hate on young kids listening to what’s happening we were listening to Mudvayne, Korn, Slipknot, Coal Chamber, Rob Zombie, White Zombie and all that stuff that’s where we came from.

Stubble: When does a girl become a woman?
Umm, I don’t know that is weird.
Stubble: We agree

Stubble: Desert island question: 1 book, 1 album, 1 movie?
The first book that comes to mind since i am reading it now is Corey Taylor’s “Seven Deadly Sins”. It’s really good, it’s rare I buy I book and read it all almost in a day. Album: “Great Southern Trend Kill” by Pantera I love that record. Movie I don’t know “Detroit Rock City”

Stubble: If evolution says we come from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?
Inbreeding, I don’t fucking know?

Stubble: Anything you want to say to all the fans who are coming out to see you this summer?
Yeah man thank you for buying the record or downloading it and still coming to the show and buying shirts hopefully, we appreciate it. When you see me and I am a dick to you I am probably just drunk or have to take a shit or do an interview?

Stubble: Who says your a dick? Where is that coming from?
I’m not a dick though, I just hear from people “Mark’s suck a dick”. I tell the truth?
Stubble: We’ll if you speak the truth there will always be haters.
Fuck em.

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