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STUBBLE TV – BEERIJUANA Interview @ The Caravan

16 August 2011 No Comment

6/30/2011 @ The Caravan
San Jose, CA
By Alex Guzman,
Josh Kutras & Jeff Longo


Like peanut butter & chocolate, marijuana & beer are two great things that go great together; San Jose CA’s Beerijuana have taken that philosophy and given it a crushing sound track. Formed in late 2007 with the goal of making heavy, abrasive music sans genre tags BEERIJUANA have blazed a trail leaving others in the dust.

Since their inception the band has played a bevy of shows to packed houses, released a self titled album, played with metal legends HIGH ON FIRE, and shot an independent music video for their track ‘Drunk Power’ STUBBLE caught up with the drunken warlords that are BEERIJUANA after a gig at the Caravan in San Jose CA, and talked about upcoming music in the works, the maniacal video shoot for ‘Drunk Power’, and the hidden sound system at the now defunct VooDoo Lounge.

Stubble: You guys just finished playing a show at the Caravan, how’d it go fellas?
It went alright, it went alright.
Zack: It was a good show
Dr Crazyfingers: Hot!
Zack: Yeah, it was definitely toasty in there!
Prophet: I think we were pushing maximum occupancy, not enough room for my beers though.(everyone laughs)

Stubble: I heard some new cuts are coming out…
Yeah, a bunch of new stuff coming out, as far as for the fans immediately. When were playing we got some new stuff coming out, we’re…
Frank: We busted out a couple of em tonight.
Prophet: Yeah, we busted a couple new ones tonight, we got some more in the works, and we’re looking to get in the studio and puttin’ em all on an album.
Dr Crazyfingers: We’re always writing, so we always kind of have stuff in the works.

Stubble: Anything new with the sound? You guys trying anything different?
Busting a five string bass! Franks gettin super sick with it droppin the tone…
Frank: Yeah, getting a little bit lower
Dr Crazyfingers: It was cool, and he got some more gear for the sound and all that. So it really helps to kind of carry it out.
Zack: We have nicer equipment so we sound better.
Frank: Yeah, there’s no room to fuck up now!! (everyone laughs)

Stubble: Talk to us about the video ‘Drunk Power’, how did it come about?
I was doing this thing where I was going out and getting fucking wasted, and i’d come home and video tape these stupid messages to myself, and Hanot our boy who works the merch table, was my room mate and I would show him the next day. We started joking around how funny it was, and the idea just kind got a mind of it’s own, and from there we got BJ involved, and Juan Serna to come and shoot it for us. It was crazy we were so shithouse wasted by the end of the whole thing!

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