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Stubble TV – Red Fang Interview @ Mayhem

20 November 2011 No Comment

Red Fang
7/10/2011 @ RockStar Mayhem Fest
Mountain View, CA
By Jeff Longo, Alex Guzman, &
Josh Kutras


With a slot on this years Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival Red Fang are poised to shotgun a hit of fuzzy metal straight into your lungs. Crusty, balls to the wall, beer soaked, hard rock has been finding it’s way back to larger audiences; and Red Fang are more than ready to carry that torch.

Formed in Portland, Oregon in late 2005, the stoner rock influenced quartet, quickly found mainstream success partnering with Relapse Records. Stubble caught up with guitarist David Sullivan and talked about their new release Murder the Mountains, Relapse Records, smashing cars into pinball machines for their new video, and drinking PBR.

STUBBLE: How did the first show go in San Bernardino?
It was awesome, but it was hot and dusty! It was great, it was a good crowd, a beautiful place actually, it’s where the US festival was held. So, it was nice but the sun was really brutal yesterday.

STUBBLE: You guys have MURDER THE MOUNTAINS out on Relapse Records right now; how did you guys hook up with Relapse?
Well, the story with MURDER THE MOUNTAINS is; we recorded that record ourselves before we, we had a label before for our first record & then we decided we wanted to find somebody else… So we actually recorded it and paid for it ourselves, mastered it and everything, and then looked for labels, which is a little bit scary because it could have turned into an expensive pet project you know? But uh, we just kept shopping it around to a few different places, and Relapse dug it, and uh we’re stoked to be on Relapse it’s great.

STUBBLE:You guys did a video from the new album, right?
DAVID: Yes, Wires, we worked with the same guy who did our Prehistoric Dog video, same director, and really all the credit for the concept goes to him. He picks up on our personalities sort of turns it all into this whole exaggerated versions of us you know? We do love to drink, and actually in that video, I don’t want to give too much away, but we got this, put a battering ram on a car and smashed stuff, and it was awesome!! So fun to do!

STUBBLE: They let you drive the car?
Yeah, there was no stunt drivers it was all us!

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