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The Pink Floyd Experience @ Electric Factory

8 March 2012 No Comment

The Pink Floyd Experience @ Electric Factory 02-22-12

The Pink Floyd Experience
2/22/2012 @ Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA
Photos/Review by James Kelly


The Pink Floyd Experience is currently on tour, check here for tour dates.

The Pink Floyd Experience @ Electric Factory 02-22-12

Your odds of ever seeing Pink Floyd live again or even for the first time are not very good. Years of legal battle and creative strife have created a world in which the “real” Pink Floyd has not existed in almost thirty years, at least in a literal sense. Sure, David Gilmour may still get out on tour and perform some of your favorite classics as one fourth of the Floyd and of course there is always Roger Waters’ elaborate “Wall” at which to gaze. But with all due respect, is that really a Pink Floyd experience? Also adding to the improbability of a reunion was the 2008 death of keyboardist and original member Richard Wright and the inevitable and continuous process of aging should also be considered. So, you can either spend your time lamenting the fact that you will never have the chance to see Pink Floyd live and in its purest form (like I do), or you can get out and appreciate the myriad of Floyd “cover bands” that exist all over nowadays in an attempt to somehow fill that hole. Definitely worth seeing among these bands is the appropriately-named The Pink Floyd Experience .

Like its name implies, The Pink Floyd Experience is indeed a Pink Floyd experience and not just another ninety minutes of mediocre musicians playing some of your favorite songs at a mediocre level. The music (which you are there for in the first place) is almost outshined by the elaborate Floydian light show by which it is accompanied. Bright colors sure to enhance any acid trip, stream from front and back of the stage, slightly obscuring the band but ultimately enhancing the music. The projection screen behind the band also adds an appropriately trippy element. Flickering images ranging from eyeballs to the all-significant moon add visual depth to the show, rivaling any presentation I’ve ever seen. Also, before the show even starts, the screen behind the stage displays Pink Floyd trivia questions to keep even the most impatient of audiences entertained until showtime. The questions range from the obvious ones which any true Pink Floyd fan should know, to the truly obscure and puzzling. If the lights, projection screen, and fun trivia questions succeed in entertaining you, great, but they pale in comparison to the band itself.

The Pink Floyd Experience @ Electric Factory 02-22-12

“Cover band” has a negative connotation, and it would be unfair to judge the Pink Floyd Experience (or PFE) solely on them being one. This is a collection of six immensely skilled musicians and although they are not playing their own material, this band is not trying to impersonate the almighty Floyd either in sound or in look. They play Pink Floyd music with energy and more than random precision and in seemingly the unlikeliest of possibilities, they make it their own. The band is led by singer/guitarist Zachary Throne whose stage presence has the ability to make up for a mediocre singing voice; though his singing voice is much better than mediocre. Also fronting the PFE is guitarist/singer Tom Quinn whose veteran presence tacitly implies that he’s probably been playing Pink Floyd music longer than you’ve been listening to it. It is rounded out by John Cox on the keys, Bob Sale on drums, “The Legend” Gus Beaudoin on bass, and Jesse Molloy on saxophone/guitar whose killer sax solos just may have stolen the show.

The Pink Floyd Experience @ Electric Factory 02-22-12

On the current tour, the band is beginning each show with Floyd’s classic “Wish You Were Here” in its entirety, and their performance at Philly’s Electric Factory showed why this was an excellent decision. Opening with the Syd Barrett tribute “Shine on You Crazy Diamond pt. 1″ is no easy task to say the least, but their precise execution of the over thirteen minute epic set the tone for the entire show. The PFE’s faithful yet refreshing set continued with the rest of the 1975 album before a brief intermission. After the intermission, the band rocked out their own versions of more instantly recognizable tunes such as “Time” and “Money” off of “The Dark Side of the Moon” and “Comfortably Numb” and “Hey You” off of “The Wall” respectively. However, the longer and more obscure Pink Floyd epics are what made the show for me. After veteran bassist Beaudoin’s touching shoutout to late original Pink Floyd members Syd Barrett and Richard Wright, the band performed “Astronomy Domine”, an early cut off of Floyd’s super-psychedelic debut “Piper at the Gates of Dawn”. A slightly condensed version of the over twenty minute ethereal “Echoes” and the infamous instrumental threat “One of These Days” from 1971’s “Meddle” followed shortly thereafter. The show came to an end with a fusion of two “Wall” perennials, “Run Like Hell” and the song you’ve heard a billion times “Another Brick in the Wall pt. 2″. Energetic Crowd participation on the infamous “We don’t need no education” made up for the fact that no Pink Floyd fan should ever want to hear that song again and ultimately ended the show on an upbeat note.


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