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Podcast – Watain Interview (Audio)

28 April 2012 No Comment

Watain @ Slim's 4-23-2012 Decibel Magazine Tour

Stubble sits down with the Dark Lord of Black Metal himself Erik Danielsson of Sweden’s Watain at Slim’s on the San Francisco stop of the Decibel Magazine Tour supporting Behemoth with The Devil’s Blood and In Solitude. Watain’s brand of Black Metal not only sings about darkness, death, and the devil along with presenting his decomposing face so you know what he looks like, Watain goes a step further and let’s you know what his ass would smell like to as their slaughterhouse stench permeates throughout the venue shortly before they take the stage announcing their impending arrival. Well we talked to Erik and tried to get to the source of this foul order, we also discuss their new live DVD Opus Diaboli documenting their thirteenth anniversary show, religious protesters, show cancellations, and fans vomiting at their shows.

Stubble Radio (Audio) – Watain Interview (click to listen or download)

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