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Watain Interview @ Slim’s 4-23-2012

28 April 2012 No Comment

Watain @ Slim's 4-23-2012 Decibel Magazine Tour

Watain Erik Danielsson
Decibel Magazine Tour 2012
4/23/2012 – Slim’s San Francisco, California
Interview & Photos by Jeff Longo

Stubble sits down with the Dark Lord of Black Metal himself Erik Danielsson of Sweden’s Watain at Slim’s on the San Francisco stop of the Decibel Magazine Tour supporting Behemoth with The Devil’s Blood and In Solitude. Watain’s brand of Black Metal not only sings about darkness, death, and the devil along with presenting his decomposing face so you know what he looks like, Watain goes a step further and let’s you know what his ass would smell like too, as their slaughterhouse stench permeates throughout the venue shortly before they take the stage announcing their impending arrival. Well we talked to Erik and tried to get to the source of this foul odor, we also discuss their new live DVD Opus Diaboli documenting their thirteenth anniversary show, religious protesters, show cancellations, and fans vomiting at their shows.

Stubble Radio (Audio) – Watain Interview (click to listen or download)

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Watain @ Slim's 4-23-2012 Decibel Magazine Tour

Stubble: Welcome back to California. So Watain is getting ready to release a new new DVD on May 5th called Opus Diaboli?
Yeah, it just turned into this really big deal which wasn’t our intention from the beginning. We just wanted to do a nice thing to commemorate the thirteenth year anniversary, and it turned into a movie, instead of concert dvd, and which in turn, turned into a box set with a book. Yeah, it’s a big release and at the same time we are doing it on our on label, it feels weird thinking about it.

Stubble: I am looking forward to it, because you have two things that most people don’t get to see: one is the full show on your anniversary and two you didn’t just do the normal thing you did a lot of behind the scenes.
Yeah..it’s like forty percent of it is the live show which in itself uses eleven cameras it’s a nice piece, the other sixty percent of the movie is like narrated passages with artistic footage, one long interview, backstage footage from back in the nineties, a lot of stuff.

Stubble: Congratulations you are officially the scariest band in the fucking world today.
We’re just being ourselves and people can think of that whatever they want. What scares people usually is straight out honesty and a genuine form of expression, because people have no use for that of these days…in music, which is mostly about entertainment…and a fast food kind of absorbing you know, and we don’t do that. We do it completely different, and of course a sinister foundation. So yeah,. of course people react. To think it’s shocking, it’s controversial, or shocking or scary and we are just being ourselves. And that’s I think is the charm of rock music, it scares some people and it attracts others.

Watain @ Slim's 4-23-2012 Decibel Magazine Tour

Stubble: “‘Hell” of a line up for the Decibel Magazine Tour, Behemoth and Watain and we’re sold out tonight. How have the shows been going so far, you missed the first four shows…?
(Laughing) Typical Watain turmoil..tumbling in on the fifth show, “Hey here we are!”

Stubble: Then you had a cancellation in Ohio, somebody booked the show and was like “Wait a minute, Satan is on his way here”. So do you run into a lot of that and do you see a lot of religious protestors at these shows?
Far too few. I would love for all of them to come. What I like about when they do come, this might sound weird, I’d prefer their outlook on metal before you know, people that accept it without even thinking twice. Fuck, they are right. This is dangerous music. It does do things to people that’s certainly not Christian things. It does challenge a lot of conventions and in that sense of course, it is dangerous. Well, people that want to uphold conventions, uphold the moral codes of western society, because what we are doing is the the enemy of that and that’s how its always been. I am always welcoming protestors and I am always willing to let them speak because it makes people think and it makes those that are into it, I mean the real metal heads, I think it makes then even more proud of who they are, like “fuck you, we do what the fuck we want, come on and protest”

Watain @ Slim's 4-23-2012 Decibel Magazine TourStubble: I don’t think we have to worry about this becoming mainstream in any way but I do understand what you’re saying.
Well, what I mean not any form of real form of dangerous rock music, whether it be metal black metal, punk, or whatever, in the end, in essence, it cant really be a mainstream form of art because what it does, in essence, is to challenge the convention of the mainstream. That is the role it has to play otherwise it looses its character, one of its most important characters.

Stubble: Well that’s all I have you have anything you want to say to the fans?
I didn’t really know what this tour would be like till we were really on it. Just realizing that fuck, this is becoming one of those tours that we and the people that attend the show will remember for twenty years. There is magic in the air every night. The best thing about this tour is having The Devils’ Blood and In Solitude with us who are two of my favorite bands.

Stubble: I like to call your show a multimedia experience, I mean with Watain you get the full experience sights, sound, and the stench of rotting flesh, what is that smell?
The smell of Watain


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