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Miss May I Interview @ Warped Tour 6-23-2012

7 July 2012 No Comment

Miss May I’s Levi Benton
Warped Tour 2012
6/23/2012 – San Francisco, California
Interview & Photos by Josh Kutras & Jeff Longo

Stubble ran into Levi Benton vocalist for Ohio metalcore band Miss May I at the San Francisco stop of the Van’s Warped Tour. We discuss their new album “At Heart”, a day in the life at Warped, face eating bath salts, and debuting on the main stage.

Stubble: Welcome to the Bay Area. Phoned in some good weather for you today.
It’s the coldest day but that’s awesome. Its good for Warped. It’s good to have cold days. I’m not sunburned and it’s not gross today.

Stubble: First week on the Warped Tour, how’s the shows been going so far?
It’s been awesome. Its our first year on main stage. Going into we were really nervous we going up with legends like the Used, freaking Taking Back Sunday, Yellow card. all these bands were on the same stage with and we’re like, just a younger metal band. So going into it was a little scary but the kids have been so awesome so I’m really excited.

Stubble: That’s great. Give us a day in the life at Warped tour.
Well the worst thing, I love Warped, but you never know when you’re playing, 11:30 or 9:00 at night which sucks, like today I had to wake up at 11:30 we played at 12:30 so I had an hour to get ready, right out of bed. So today’s like one of those days. We have breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that’s only for two hours, but you have to think Warped tour has hundreds of people on it, so your not just going to get food, your waiting in line like an hour to get food. Then we have press. I am usually the one that does the press so I hang out with you guys for a couple of hours, then we have a set which could be like i said, could be any time of day and then we have signing everyday and that could be anywhere, it could be our tent, the AP tent, any promotion that we have, its awesome. Its definitely busy days but we get to meet the kids, we get to play a show, we get to eat, we get to do a bunch of press and meet new people…literally an action packed day.

Stubble: So you have a new album out now “At Heart” how is that going? Playing new songs off it?
Its awesome. We played three new songs off of it. Debuted on the top 40 on billboard.
Stubble: Congrats!
Thank you. We’re really excited, everyone’s listened to it and liked it so uh, and yeah we had a whole new team go into it.

Stubble: Who did you record it with? Who is behind the boards?
Machine actually. It’s our first time working with him, he’s like old school metal and hip hop…he does everything. It was crazy to go in with him. It was our first time not being a digital band, which is was nice especially a band our age. Were always just trying to the metal thing so, to be our age and wanna be a metal band we did all live instruments, its sounds really good I’m really excited.

Stubble: What’s after the warped tour?
Were off for a little bit, we never have time off so it’s nice going home for a little bit then we go to South America with Asking Alexandria, which should be awesome, then were working on a headliner in the fall.

Stubble: South America has a pretty rabid metal fan base.
It’s our first time so it should be insane.

Stubble: Desert island question: one book, one movie, one album.
See I don’t even read books, um, I guess if I can bring a book, you know when you go to your friends house and their Dad has one of those bathroom books, those toilet books?

Stubble: Yes, Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader.
I would bring one of those, for a movie I would probably bring the Goonies, its my favorite movie you cant really get sick of that. And one album? I would bring As I Lay Dying An Ocean Between Us, because I am really weird on listening to things more than once and I listen to that a lot.

Stubble: In the wake of Tupac playing Coachella, which hologram would you tour with?
I would totally tour with a hologram, if we could do a hologram…trying to think all the bands I like aren’t dead. Michael Jackson, yeah Michael Jackson. I wouldn’t even tour I would be that freaky guy who just toured and followed the Michael Jackson Hologram tour.

Stubble: Like a Michale Jackson Dead head kinda? Ok, next is Fuck, Marry, Kill: Kate Beckinsale, Paula Dean, and Justin Bieber.
I would probably Marry Justin Bieber, he’s got the money coming in he could take care of me. Kate would be the F.

Stubble: Bath Salts, a relaxing evening in the tub or eating someone’s face off?
A relaxing evening in the tub. We have a tech, he’s a goofy guy and he’s actually done those before…we give him the hardest time all the time. There will be salt on the bus, table salt, we’re like ‘we should keep that away from Wolfgang”.

Van’s Warped Tour
Miss May I

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