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Asking Alexandria Interview @ Mayhem Fest 7-1-2012

17 July 2012 No Comment

Asking Alexandria
RockStar Mayhem Fest 2012
7/1/2012 – Mountain View, California
Interview & Photos by Jeff Longo, Alex Guzman, and Josh Kutras

Stubble sat down with Danny Worsnop, vocalist for Sumerian Records UK metalcore artist Asking Alexandria at the RockStar Mayhem Fest in Mountain View California. We discuss extremely talented porn stars, staying clean and sober, and a very “unique and different” new album due out in September along with a new single “Run Free” out on the Axe Body Spray app.

Stubble: Welcome to the Bay Area. How did the first show go?
The first show was really good. It was a great introduction to the tour. Yeah, it was A lot of fun to see and meet a lot of phenomenal bands.

Stubble: So you guys just released a “shocking” short film entitled…
Through Sin + Self Destruction, it’s available on iTunes right now.

Stubble: It’s nice to see that you are alive and that you made it through that experience.
I am alive and clean and sober from drugs now.

Stubble: How was it working with Belladonna?
She’s great. We had Belladonna obviously kinda a famous insanely talented porn actress and the wonderful Andy Sandimas as well. I was very honored to have a scene with, again a very very very very talented porn actress. Are porn actresses talented?

Stubble: Oh, there’s a certain talent they have.
There’s a certain talent involved and they both got it. Yeah it was fun they’re both very awesome people.

Stubble: In the 3rd video you overdosed, was that Belladonna that slipped it to you?
No, it was Andy Sandimas, in this very out there interpretation of my life she slipped me the drugs when in reality I was slipping myself the drugs.

Stubble: Same thing right?
In my record label’s eyes, it’s the same thing.

Stubble: So what’s coming up after Mayhem?
Yeah we’re e half way through it right now. Going in Sept to finish it off. Coming along really well, it’s very very unique and different to what’s anyone done before.

Stubble: Really? Well I’, looking forward to that.
Its a lot of fun making albeit a very very strenuous process.

Stubble: How do you connect try to connect with the older fans who may be turned off my clean/singing vocals?
I think we definitely have that history behind us being that child very young band that we once were were, although I don’t think it’s our fault that we were young, everyone has been young once. We have grown up now and we real musicians and I do urge any of the listeners who maybe had those opinions of us to give it a chance you might like it now. we’re a very different group of men than we used to be.

Stubble: Day in the life at Mayhem.
Waking up early, now that I am clean and sober from drugs. I am big into my photography I basically work all day. I am busy all day.

Stubble: Do you shoot bands?
Yeah, I shot some stuff on the road. Shot some Slipknot the other day. Then I work on business and relentless interviews, I love it, don’t take that the wrong way.

Stubble: What’s the worst Interview you ever had?
Where did you get your band name? A-nobody gives a shit and B- it means nothing. I don’t know we had some pretty bad ones when people come completely unprepared.

Stubble: What the longest you’ve gone without taking a shower?
You don’t wanna know. Mika, what’s the longest I’ve gone without taking a shower? Three or four weeks apparently, like I said I used to be an alcoholic and drug addict its not my fault.

Stubble: You’re on a desert island – one book, one movie, one album.
Any issue of Playboy. Movie? It’d have to be something incredibly uplifting and and cheerful, if I’m stuck on a desert island I don’t wanna get all depressed. Maybe that cartoon like Shrek you have to go with OG Shrek.

Stubble: What hologram would you like to tour with?
Jim Morrison that would be a trip.

Stubble: Randy Blith: cold blooded murderer or fan crossed the line?
Danny: Very unfortunate situation. Neither, I don’t think either. Security’s not doing their jobs.

Stubble: Fuck Mary Kill – -Kate Beckinsale, Paula Dean, and Justin Bieber.
I will marry Bieb’s he’s a sweet little angel child and he wont break my heart. And I’ll be his number one girl. Fuck Kate B, Kill Paula Dean. I gotta fuck Kate b,

Stubble: What if she cant cook? How are you going to eat?
I’m only fucking her.

Stubble: Anything you want to add?
Working on some new music videos, a new single entitled “Run Free” coming out soon, over the free download Ax Body Spray up on the internet.

All rights reserved – 2012 © Jeff Longo

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