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A Life Once Lost Interview @ Kung Fu Necktie 7-16-2012

21 September 2012 No Comment

A Life Once Lost
Kung Fu Necktie
7/16/2012 – Philadelphia, PA
Interview & Photos by Jeff Longo and James Kelly

After a long five years in a self imposed exile Philadelphia heavy groove metal pioneers “A Life Once Lost” are back. Set to release their first album, , since 2007’s Iron Gag, on new label Season of Mist entitled “Ecstatic Trance” on October 23rd in North American. Stubble caught up with A Life Once Lost founding member Doug Sabolick at the Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia during their July residency consisting of four shows with special guest Jucifer. We talk about the new album “Ecstatic Trance”, working with a new label, and corpse paint.

Listen to brand new track “Madness is God”, the first single from the new album “Ecstatic Trance,”www.ecstatictrance.com A LIFE ONCE LOST will head out on a full U.S. tour with headliners REVOCATION this October and November in support of their new album, “Ecstatic Trance”, due out in North America on its new release date of October 22nd and internationally on November 16th. Support will come from KEN MODE. The tour kicks off on October 18th in Trenton, NJ and comes to a close in Allston, MA on November 13th.

10/18 – Trenton, NJ @ The Backstage at Championship Bar (No KEN mode)
10/19 – Montreal, QC @ Katacombes
10/20 – Toronto, ON @ Wreck Room
10/21 – Lansing, MI @ Mac’s Bar
10/22 – Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge
10/23 – St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
10/24 – Winnipeg, MB @ Osborne Village Inn
10/26 – Calgary, AB @ Vern’s
10/27 – Edmonton, AB @ Pawn Shop
10/29 – Tacoma, WA @ The Loch’s
10/30 – Seattle, WA @ El Corazon – Lounge
10/31 – Portland, OR @ Rotture
11/1 – San Francisco, CA @ The Sub Mission
11/2 – Fullerton, CA @ Slidebar
11/3 – Scottsdale, AZ @ Chaser’s
11/4 – El Paso, TX @ House of Rock
11/5 – San Antonio, TX @ Korova
11/6 – Austin, TX @ Red 7
11/8 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade
11/9 – Charlotte, NC @ The Casbah @ Tremont Music Hall
11/10 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
11/11 – Albany, NY @ Bogies
11/12 – New York, NY @ The Studio At Webster Hall
11/13 – Allston, MA @ Great Scott

Stubble: We’re at the beautiful and illustrious Kung Fu Necktie. You guys are doing a residency here? How the shows been so far?
Yeah we are, third show out of five. First two were pretty packed out so we’re pretty happy…Yeah we know the owner, he like a crazy Art dude and he made the bar awesome that’s why we wanted to play here.

Stubble: So A Life Once Lost (ALOL) hasn’t released an album in a while right?
In like five years.

Stubble: You guys are approaching Spinal Tap status with a bunch of lineup changes. So do you have the line up stabilized?
I think. We had a lot of people come and go over the course. We pretty much wrote an album and scrapped it. So Its taking a long time but finally we’re at a point where we’re happy with what we have, were bringing something new to the table.

Stubble: When are you expecting to release it?
Well it’s turned in, it kind of up to the label.
Stubble: Oh its done? What is the name of it?
It’s called “Ecstatic Trance”, it depends on when the label wants to release it, we’re hoping in the fall and I hope that it comes out then.

Stubble: Playing any new tracks tonight?
We’re playing eight. Almost the whole new album.

Stubble: So what does it sound like? You guys have changed your sound up as time moved on right? And that’s a good thing I think.
Yeah, definitely. It’s something unique now which is before where we we lumped into a scene of things or whatever, we dug deeper for influences this time around and I don’t know like a heavy metal Hawkwind, something more heavier than what we did. Almost anti what we’ve done before.

Stubble: So your on Season of Mist? They seemed like good guys?
Yeah, they’re cool. They didn’t rush us to get the album done, they just said when its ready its ready. They like the album so that’s cool.

Stubble: They didn’t ask you guys to put on corpse paint?
No, they put out credible shit. They just put out shit that I can respect. It’s hard for heavy music these days, in my opinion, maybe because I listened to to it for such a long time its hard for me to get into something.

Stubble: You have some cred, though, you’ve toured with one of my favorite bands High on Fire.
They’re one of my favorites too, that was my favorite tour we ever did.

Season of Mist
Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia

“Ecstatic Trance” Track Listing
1. Something Awful
2. Gnawing Lisp
3. Madness Is God
4. Miracle Worker
5. Empty Form
6. I Am
7. The Blues
8. People Stare
9. I See, I Hear
10. I Sit Ill

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