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Jessie and the Hogg Brothers Interview

16 February 2013 No Comment

Stubble caught up with Black&Blue Records progressive country band Jesse & the Hogg Brothers at Hogg HQ as they regroup for the second leg of their mid west tour that featured a stop at the Redneck Olympics, yes this exists. Jesse Braintree and family are keeping old school, real country alive; think CB trucking songs, odes to America, mud wrestling, etc.; if you can’t get enough of the crude Southerner comedy meets 1968 Grand Ole Opry country music then check them out.

Listen to Jesse & the Hogg Brothers on Jango – click here.

Stubble: How about we start with some introductions.
Jesse Braintree:
My Name is Jesse Braintree with me is my cousin Stevie Joe Hogg he plays banjo and guitar we got my cousin Bufard Hogg Slide guitar, and over drinking beer at 10:30 in the morning, as usual, is my long standing cousin Buzz Hogg (bass, guitar, vocals).

Stubble: How did you guys get started?
Jesse Braintree:
Well were all related, so actually what happened my dad died when I was young. He was in the military. He ended up being AWOL, we really don’t know what happened to him. So I ended up growing with my cousin buzz and my cousin Neil. Their father Pappy, he kinda raised us, he taught us how to play, so we’ve been playing music ever since. As every generation of Hoggs come up like the youngsters here they’ve joined us. Its one big family act. Best way to say it.

Stubble: Being a country band do you have any musical influences you want to talk about?
Jesse Braintree:
Liquor for Buzz but, I don’t know, we grew up listing to Buck Owens and other people on Hee Haw and all the artists there whether your talking Hank Williams Jr, Roy Clarke, Johnny Cash, George Jones they’re all big, big influences on us. We just learned to love traditional, Ole Opry style country music and we try to add that element to our music.

Stubble: What do you think of today’s country music?
Jesse Braintree:
For the most part I don’t. Its just pop music with a twang. I like Hank III and there’s plenty of people playing good country music in fact some artists play a little bit of both., but for what’s on the radio, I would say no I don’t listen to country radio. Its not what I like.

Stubble: Is there genre that you like besides country?
Jesse Braintree:
Sure, we’re on a punk rock or metal label, we’re open to any kinda music. In fact whats funny one of our songs Biker Ann, a film maker approached us about a year ago and asked us if we’d be interested to turn that song into a movie. So that’s the plan right now we don’t know if its really gonna happen but supposedly we’re writing a script based on the song. The guy who owns the record label is writing a script along that so I have no idea if its going to have anything to do with the true story, bu we’re hoping to film that some time in 2013 and I’m real excited about that.

Stubble: You don’t have accents.
Jesse Braintree:
I’m gonna answer this the only way I can. We’re from Texas, but we didn’t spend our whole lives in Texas. So I grew up mostly up here…We work for Yankee money, you saw our CD it’s called ‘Working for Yankee Money’ and we’ve been Working for Yankee for a long time. As much as we’re in Texas more than anywhere else, we’re up here too. So I guess I don’t sound as Texan as someone else but I’m a Texan and very proud of it. Normally when people say that to me I usually get pretty upset, especially when I am in Texas and some Texan says I’m not from Texas I don’t think that’s very respectful.

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