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Warbeast Interview @ The Regency Ballroom 1-20-2013

2 March 2013 No Comment

Warbeast – Bobby Tillotson
The Regency Ballroom
1-20-2013 – San Francisco, CA
Interview & Photos by Jeff Longo & Josh Kutras

Where does one go to find a Warbeast? Just follow the homeless guy to the giant dumpster in the back alley of San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom of course! Stubble caught up with Bobby Tillotson (a.k.a. “J.R.”) of Texas thrash metal band Warbeast while on tour with Down supporting their new split EP War of the Gargantuas (with Phil Anselmo and the Illegals) . We discuss gun control, their upcoming release Destroy (out in April 2013 on Housecore Records), and their first ever appearance at the Metal Masters.

Stubble: Welcome to San Francisco
Bobby: Right on thank you man.

Stubble: So you guys are on the Weed and Speed tour with Down…
Bobby: That’s right man, they bring the weed and we bring the speed dude. We’re all fucked up.

Stubble: Warbeast is signed to Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Records…
Bobby: Housecore Records man, best on the planet.

Stubble: How would you explain Warbeast to the uninitiated?
Bobby: Well basically man fuckin’, if you’re of the sluggish nature and coming in yawning and shit, prepare to get your head ripped off because Warbeast is full out assault. Me and Scott Shelby, the other guitar player, we like to call it fuckin’ precision metal. We don’t fuck around, we get us there and we really like to attack and give it straight to you. Be prepared to Mosh.

Stubble: It’s pretty heavy…
Bobby: We had a cat in a wheelchair in the mosh pit last night. They were rolling him around the pit. So basically, if you like metal, if you’re into Slayer, Pantera any type of thrash you’ll love Warbeast.

Stubble; You guys did your first release in 2010 “Krush the Enemy”, and just recently you released War of the Garganuatas a split EP with Phil Anselmo solo?
Bobby: Yeah it’s Phil Anselmo’s solo project it’s called ‘Phil Anselmo and the Illegals’. It’s pretty cool. Actually our drummer Joe Gonzalez plays drums on those tracks as well, He recorded that album with Phil. It’s two songs of his (Phil Anselmo and the Illegals) and two songs of ours, of course Joe plays on all it lucky bastard.

Stubble; You songs (Warbeast) are “It” and “Birth of a Psycho”, which is an autobiography of Bruce Corbitt’s life?
Bobby: Bruce would like to say he wrote it about himself “Birth of a Psycho”, I mean anyone can be pushed to that point.

Stubble: So how are the shows been going and how are fans responding to the new material?
Bobby: This is our third leg of the Down tour of course we did the east coast, we did the European and now we’re doing the west coast. We’ve been kicking asses and the crowd has been kicking ours as well. As far as this west coast leg, I don’t know man, we’ve had a few crowds that were a little sluggish and just kinda looking at you like your stupid, but overall its been pretty happening.

Stubble: How was the shows in LA vs the show in Sacramento last night?
Bobby: Sacramento was probably, to me the best one. We played at the Grove and that was pretty kick ass, to me that to me was the pinnacle maybe even the biggest show of the tour. Last night was good to man, last night the crowd was so energetic we do an intro coming out and they were already hitting on the intro…i was like God Damn we didn’t even start anything they’re already fucking going nuts. The crowd I think last night was the best, Ace of Spades.

Stubble: Does Phil come out on any of your songs?
Bobby: He usually comes out during “Scorched Earth Policy” like you can see if on youtube and shit. Everyone’s been a little bit under the weather so he hasn’t been coming out with us the last few shows, but he might come out, sometimes he’ll surprise you just to fuck with you.

Stubble: So Warbeast has another full length coming out later this year called “Destroy”
Bobby: That’s right its called Destroy. It’s supposed to be out hopefully March probably April. Its probably some the best shit you’ll hear from Warbeast, thus far. In metal and anything you always try to out do yourself and sort of kick the last records ass but this one is definitely up there, I think people are really gonna dig it. We stand behind it and we’re really proud of, and we play quite of few new ones live.

Stubble: So what’s coming up for you guys?
Bobby: Man you never know. The road’s hard maybe people might want a break or whatever, but other than Metal Masters in May…They do like an annual deal like a clinc, they do a show at the end. it’s a real honor for Warbeast to open the show. We’re going to be playing all of the Destroy album, we have alternate tunings on the record, we’re gonna bust out different guitars. Gonna try and nail it front to back you know, it’s some intense shit we’ve got our work cut out for us to live up to the Metal Masters.

Stubble: So what do you do when you’re not doing Warbeast
Bobby: Like all of us we work day jobs, I’m in the service industry, some of us have trades, you know some of us keep doing music like production shit like that. We’re not to the the point where were paying our bills just yet off this but everyone pretty much has day jobs.

Stubble: You’re from Texas right?
Bobby: Yep.
Stubble: Do you have a concealed weapons permit?
Bobby: Nah.
Stubble: Ever thought about getting one?
Bobby: Not really.
Stubble: Do you think the government is trying to take our guns away?
Bobby: Nah, they won’t man. The more things change the more they stay the same, Machine Head, but it’s true dude…I mean fuck it dude, people are going to own guns and if you need anything bad enough your gonna get it.

Stubble: God Dam Right, anything you want to add?
Bobby: Request Birth of a Psycho and It and any other Warbeast songs on Liquid Metal, buy the new War of the Gargantuas CD and look out for the brand new album Destroy coming out in March or April.






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