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Warped Tour New Years Day Interview

4 July 2013 No Comment

New Years Day
06-22-2013 @ Van’s Warped Tour
Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View, California
Josh Kutras & Jeff Longo

Stubble spoke with Southern California horror pop punkers New Years Day at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View for the Van’s Warped Tour. Since we are suckers for monsters, masks, and make-up we just had to talk to these guys. Guitarist Nikki Misery, drummer Russel Dixon, and bassist Anthony Barro discus haunted mansion-core, their latest release Victim to Villain on Century Media, and their live show which includes a giant Mickey with a chain saw, a dead girl waving flags, & snowballin’ blood.

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With new release Victim To Villian, NEW YEARS DAY has honed its vision to find a signature sound aimed to unify their growing fanbase of NEW YEARS DAY “creeps.” Driven by social media, the band’s fans are anything but fair weather, often describing NEW YEARS DAY as not just a band, but a way of life. Now, with the release of their first real full length (produced by Erik Ron), the band jumps from mean punches in the teeth to the heartfelt honestly of a girl with a broken heart. The future is dark and beautiful, and that is just the way New Years Day likes it. (2013)
Ashley Costello – vocals
Russell Dixon – drums
Anthony Barro – bass[12]
Nikki Misery – guitar
Jake Jones – guitar

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