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Live Review Photos Watain at the Oakland Metro

10 December 2013 No Comment
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10-25-2013 @ Metro Opera House
Oakland, California
Photos & Review: Jeff Longo

The best and the worst thing about seeing Watain’s brand of black metal is the rancid odor that permeates throughout the venue before they go on, the band calls it “the smell of Watain.” This was surprisingly missing when they took the stage at The Oakland Metro on a late October evening, was also missing was the roadkill-animal heads mounted on spikes that has been the trade mark of their live shows and black metal in general. Check out our interview with Watain on their previous tour for more of the gory details here

The stage backdrop was literally a wall of death. It looked they ripped out Jeffrey Dahmer’s bedroom walls to flank the drum riser. They resembled skin stretched out in blocks adorned with animal jaw bones and blood. Centering the drum riser was what looked like an alter cluttered with various jars of brown fluid, a skull and some red candles. All of which front man Erik Danielsson would use for casting his spells throughout the evening.

Watain is touring supporting their latest release “The Wild Hunt” in August of 2013 on Century Media / Season of Mist). They debuted five new songs (see setlist below) with “All That May Bleed” defiantly stood out along with the crowd chanting “Outlaw.” One track that was not played was “They Rode On”, a surprising ballad (yes a ballad) from the new album. The rest of the set did not disappoint with a a greatest hits package spanning their entire catalog.

Entire Setlist: Night Vision, De Profundis, Storm of the Antichrist, Malfeitor, Devil’s Blood, Satan’s Hunger, The Wild Hunt, All That May Bleed, Sworn to the Dark, Casus Luciferi, Reaping Death, Outlaw, Stellarvore, On Horns Impaled, The Serpent’s Chalice

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