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Rollin Loaded at the Note West Chester

14 December 2013 No Comment

“It’s a melting pot of eclectic shit, coming at you”. Stubble caught up with Philly’s Rollin Loaded at The Note in West Chester Pennsylvania, supporting Tester and Mach 22. We talk about some of their influences, EPs “UP IN SMOKE” and “RIPTIDE”, (both are available as a free download here), and general nonsense.

Photo Slideshow –Rollin Loaded at The Note in West Chester, PA CLICK HERE

Quick Intro: Dylan Longo (Vocals), Cris Kailer (Bass), Matt Karver (Drums), and Nick Benson (Guitar)

Stubble: How would you explain Rollin Loaded to the uninitiated?
It is a force of motion. Fucking jamming raw punk psychedelic-esque maybe 60’s rock. Dad rock in 2013 by twenty-two year olds.

Stubble: Well I heard some Sabbath riffs, I heard some Motörhead rhythms, a little punk…
Lots of that. Me and the bass player Chris, we listen to whole shit ton of Suicide Tendencies, D.R.I. you know that type of shit, a metal head background..it’s a melting pot of eclectic shit, coming at you. I was 8 years old listening to Animals and Deep Purple and all that classic shit with my pops. Dad rock.

Stubble: So you guys have 2 EPs out now?
Nothing as of now in 2013, but we released two EPs, “UP IN SMOKE” (June 2012) and “RIPTIDE” in December.

Stubble: And both are available as free downloads right? Where can we find them at?
That’s right. Go to http://rollinloaded.bandcamp.com because that shit rules. Also Google that shit you will find videos, free downloads.

Stubble: Both the recordings sound really good but you sound great live. The place was rockin’.
It was fun a little nervous at first but shook it off.

Stubble: Nick you were all over the place with that guitar, how do you not miss notes?
I think I miss 80% of the notes I play. This is a show that I’m not absolutely shit hammered right now. Last time we played I assaulted a drum kit, I fell over it. We were in a crowded basement, I missed a whole bunch of notes. This was is a lucky draw.

Stubble: You guys had a good crowd. What’s the name of that song with the chorus,”Come On”?
It’s called “Never Stop”

Stubble: Dude its a bad ass song and the people in the crowd I was hanging with thought the same thing. That’ songs got legs.
Youtube that shit I made a home video on iMove like a video graphical pro, look it up share that shit.

Stubble: What do you guys got coming up?
Working on a full length, we played some of the newer shit tonight it’s changing styles a little bit kinda branching out, its not just trying to hit it as fast as you can, a little more versatility to it.

Stubble: Well that’s all I got, I just wanted to get the word out about you guys. Anything you want to add
Listen to rollin loaded, unconditionally.
Matt:Dad rock!

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