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Live Review: Comeback Kid Turn It Around in San Francisco

12 April 2014 No Comment

w/ Alpha & Omega, Twitching Tongues, & Let it Burn
05-30-2013 @ DNA Lounge
San Francisco, CA
Review & Photos by Josh Kutras

In 1972 In Winnipeg, Manitoba the Winnipeg Jets became an NHL franchise, and for the next 24 years their rabid fan base would be inspired by a team of hard working players who loved bringing the fans to their feet cheering raucously. Then some 30 years later in 2002 a group of underground musicians from Winnipeg, Manitoba formed a seminal melodic Punk/Hardcore group COMEBACK KID, & for the next 11 years their rabid fan base would be inspired by a group of hard working musicians who loved bringing the fans to their feet cheering raucously. There must be something in the water in Winnipeg giving all these youngsters so much energy.

COMEBACK KID has re united with original vocalist Scott Wade to do a handful of shows in Europe, Canada, the U.S., & back to Canada, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the bands debut release ‘Turn it around’(2003 Facedown Records) Our neighbors from the North brought their show to town and stopped in the Bay Area at San Francisco’s DNA Lounge with supporting acts Let it Burn, Twitching Tongues, & Alpha & Omega.

In the interest of full disclosure I have never heard COMEBACK KID before, I’ve heard of them, just never actually heard them. A friend whom I haven’t seen in a while called and invited me, he was pretty excited at the prospect of hearing the songs off ‘Turn it around’ with the original singer. He’s got good taste in music so I decided what the fuck? At bare minimum it would be a fun hang at one of the better small venues in SF.

We missed the two openers Let it Burn, & Twitching Tongues while across the street at Butter swilling PBR & listening to ‘Ride the Lightning’, when we finally made our way into the SF evening a crowd had gathered outside the venue that wasn’t particularly rowdy ,but seemed stoked none the less for the show.

When we got inside it was hot as fuck, and smelled like fresh vomit by the bar & ATM, L.A.’s ALPHA & OMEGA had already begun their set and were poised to tear the building down brick by brick, beam by beam. Vocalist Luis Hernandez prowled the stage like a mad wild fucking animal, sporting a ‘South of Heaven’ tee and sharing the mic at any opportunity he had with the crowd who was whipped into a mad frenzy of their own. These guys brought it to the stage and left it all out there, they are definitely worth checking out if you like break neck punk/hardcore that’s also heavy as fuck, already glad I came out and heard these fellows. Up next COMEBACK KID…

The crowd that wasn’t particularly rowdy became crazy as fuck as soon as head liners COMEBACK KID hit the stage; Head walking, stage diving, full crowd sing alongs, & of course the crazy Hardcore dancing the kids love so much that looks kind of like a freestyle Kung Fu all ensued. The band started the set off with the opening three tracks off of ‘Turn it around’, sending the crowd into a frenzied sing along with singer Scott Wade enthusiastically sharing the mic with the crowded room. For about 40 or so minutes COMEBACK KID not only held their crowds attention no problem, but kept them moving at a frenetic break neck pace that was not for the out of shape. It has been a while since I’ve been to a smaller show where people are literally jumping off the walls going crazy, without any fights or real problems of any kind. In the end the boys in COMEBACK KID impressed me with their on stage energy, passion for their fans, and willingness to deliver that same thing night after night across the world. When I hear people talk about the younger generation of musicians and fans having no real drive, or passion for their craft , it makes me realize they probably stopped looking around with their eyes open long ago. Cause I gotta say from what I’ve seen, the kids are alright.

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