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“Have you seen my mind?” Tankcrimes presents Brainsqueeze II Festival

16 May 2014 No Comment

Tankcrimes presents Brainsqueeze II
04-19-2014 @ Oakland Metro Opera House
Oakland, CA
Photos & Review: Jeff Longo & Josh Kutras

Kicker @ Brainsqueeze II Festival Oakland Metro 04-19-2014

The Second annual Brainsqueeze festival, which took place April 18-20 at Oakland’s Metro Opera House & Eli ‘s Mile High Club, featured some of the best up & coming metal & hardcore punk bands in the Bay Area underground.  The mastermind behind the madness is none other than Oakland based record label Tankcrimes.

They assembled a crushing lineup of over sixteen bands with Richmond Virginia’s crossover thrash Municipal Waste the main headliner on Saturday. Oakland’s death-gore maniacs GHOUL and doom sludge band BRAINOIL took the top spots on Friday and Sunday. The rest of the bill included California local bands Kicker, Conquest for Death, Cannabis Corpse, Fucktard, Final Conflict, Impaled, The Shrine. From outside the Bay Virginia’s BAT (Ryan Waste’s side project) and Iron Reagen, Negative Approach (Detroit), Fucked Up (Canada).

Photo Slideshow –KICKER – CLICK HERE



Free Sampler – -Tankcrimes “Have you seen my mind?” CLICK HERE

Unfortunately we were only able to attend day two catching KICKER, FUCKED UP, and THE SHRINE before we had to jet. But first,  Bacon dogs. That’s right I said bacon dogs. This illustrious food was top priority in my mind while driving up to Oakland. If you’ve ever been to Oakland for a show, then you already know about the entrepreneurial young men who set up makeshift grills on the sidewalks outside of Oakland’s many live music venues, & sell wonderful, nutritious, delicious Bacon Dogs. Once that itch was scratched we headed inside.

KICKER is an all-star hardcore punk band who prefer their punk served up 80’s style. Featuring front man punk rock lifer Pete the Roadie (SUBHUMANS, NEUROSIS, FUGAZI) Dave Ed bassist of sludge-doom titans Neurosis, along with ex-members from FILTH & Dystopia. While Pete may look like a deranged homeless dude his onstage energy was right up there with the younger crowd. Highlight was definitely Dave Ed pulled out a bottle of Jameson using it as a slide to fret his bass. Now that’s punk fucking rock. If you are into old school punk (Black Flag, Circle Jerks, OFF!) then meet your new favorite band. Their 14 track LP “Not You” (2012 Tankcrimes) is available now for purchase and streaming on Tankcrimes and you can name your price.

Next up was Toronto’s FUCKED UP, taking it up a notch with their very unique version of hardcore. I really don’t know how to explain how awesome this band is. So I won’t. Click below and prepare yourself. Highlights: towards the end of the set, a fight broke out towards the back of the venue a couple of feet from where we were standing, and front man Pink Eyes (Father Damien) mid-song noticed the buffoonery, and made it his personal mission to stop it (we think). Jumping into the crowd mid-song, plowing his way through the crowd about to wreck shop, but he didn’t make it. Arriving a few seconds after security so he jumped back on stage and finished the song. Also their latest single “Year of the Dragon” (2014 Tankcrimes) part of the Zodiac Singles series, is an 18 minute genre busting epic that deserves your attention now. Check these guys out now! FUCKED UP will be releasing their next full length Glass Boys in June 2013.

Southern California’s The Shrine was the last band of the evening for us. We have been trying to catch these guys live since we were first caught them last year supporting Graveyard. They refer to their sound simply as “Psychedelic Violence”. Highlight: guitarist Josh Landau crowd surfing while shredding a solo. Check out their new release “Primitive Blast” (2014 Tee Pee Records) streaming now.

The Shrine @ Brainsqueeze II Festival at Oakland Metro 4-19-2014
The Shrine @ Brainsqueeze II Festival at Oakland Metro 4-19-2014

April 18-20 2014 – Oakland, CA

Friday 4/18 – Oakland Metro – all ages, bar w/ ID
Cannabis Corpse
Final Conflict
Iron Reagan

Saturday 4/19 – Oakland Metro – all ages, bar w/ ID
Municipal Waste
Negative Approach
Fucked Up
The Shrine
Conquest for Death

Sunday 4/20 – Eli’s Mile High Club – 21+
Deny the Cross
+ wild and unpredictable guests
BBQ + Andrei Bouzikov art showing

Free compilation “Have you seen my mind?
Track listing:
Ghoul – “Spill Your Guts”
Final Conflict – “Crucifixion”
Municipal Waste – “Insurance Fraud”
The Shrine – “Destroyers”
Negative Approach – “Pressure”
BAT – “Code Rude”
Fucked Up – “I Wanna Be A Yank” (Cardboard Brains cover)
Kicker – “Not You”
Iron Reagan – “Mini Lights”
Brainoil – “Death of this Dry Season”
Fucktard – “Ladder of Pigs”
Impaled – “You Are the Dead”
Conquest For Death – “Sand Storms”
Cannabis Corpse – “Shatter Their Bongs”
Connoisseur – “I Am The Weed”
Obsessor – “Aftershock”

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