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Stubble TV: Cannibal Corpse at Mayhem Festival 07-06-2014

12 July 2014 No Comment

Cannibal Corpse
07-06-2014 @ Shoreline Amphitheater
Mountain View, California
Interview/Photos: Jeff Longo & James Kelly

Stubble sat down with Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O’Brien at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival in Mountain View California. This is Cannibal Corpse second appearance at Mayhem and will be headlining the Coldcock American Herbal Whiskey Stage all summer. Cannibal Corpse premiered a new track first track “Sadistic Embodiment” off their upcoming thirteenth studio album “A Skeletal Domain” due out September 2014 on Metal Blade. Check out them out now.

Photo Slideshow – Cannibal Corpse at Mayhem- click here

Stubble: Pat, welcome to the bay area, buddy..
Pat: Yeah, great to be here.

Stubble: Where are you from actually?
Pat: Actually, I’m originally from Kentucky, of all places.

Stubble: Kentucky! Big marijuana capitol these days.
Pat: Actually, always been. Used to be the number one cash crop back in the 80’s, I think.

Stubble: What do you think the chances are that they legalize it there?
Pat: Um, you know, I don’t really know. I haven’t lived there in a long time. Probably pretty likely. We live in Florida now, but, I imagine they’ll legalize it everywhere.

Stubble: How do you like Florida?
Pat: I love it! It’s good.

Stubble: You guys got one show under your belt so far, how was it?
Pat: It was good. Better than expected. We’ve had a lot of problems with tour buses, getting how here, stuff like that. You know, Spinal Tap kind of stuff.

Stubble: Do they provide you with a tour bus or do you guys bring your own bus?
Pat: We run our own.

Stubble: What kind of problems, was it breaking down?
Pat: Yeah, just breaking down. Just incredible. We wake up, we’re in a garage, ya know. That kind of crap.

Stubble: What can fans expect when they come see Cannibal Corpse at Mayhem this summer?
Pat: Cannibal Corpse…and more Cannibal Corpse music. That’s about it.

Stubble: Tell me about the set-list?
Pat: We’re playing the some of the hits, I guess, Cannibal Corpse hits. We’ll play some stuff off of the new album and some older stuff, ya know.

Stubble: Any chance we here Frantic Disembowelment?
Pat: Probably…not.

Stubble: Why not? Why is that like the Holy Grail at seeing one of your shows?
Pat: You gotta talk to some of the other guys about that. I wrote the damn thing. I write weird stuff and it’s I don’t know. It’s just one of the ones that’s came to be played live, you know. I don’t think we’ve ever intended to play it live.

Stubble: It’s an incredible track, man, we’d love to see it.
Pat: Well…I guess I can start workin’ on it. Ya know, try to get em to start, like “come on, people wanna hear this song”.

Stubble: Well, you guys have been around for a long time. You got your thirteenth album coming out.
Pat: Is that what it is, our thirteenth album?

Stubble: Lucky thirteen! A Skeletal Domain.
Pat: It’s produced by Mark Lewis out of Audiohammer Studios which is out in the Sanford area, Orlando. Yeah, he produced the album. It’s got probably a cleaner production, more tighter album. Another Cannibal Corpse album, another chapter in Cannibal Corpse’s history I guess, you know

Stubble: That’s not what I read. What I read is that “there are moments on this record that have never happened in musical history”?
Pat: I think that’s with any Cannibal Corpse record, myself. I mean, it’s the first time we’ve worked with Mark and I think he’s seen how we write some FUCKED UP SHIT and Mark got to see what was really going on with the FUCKED UP SHIT, so I think that’s where that came from.

Stubble: How big does a role does a producer really?
Pat: He’s kinda just there really to make the call on certain things that we’re kinda undecided on, like if something’s going on with the guitar sound that might not be cool in the final mix or whatever, ya know. It’s him and us. We actually kinda produce it ourselves too. We know what we’re gonna do, ya know, but it is good to have an outside ear, some other suggestions.

Stubble: So when does A Skeletal Domain come out?
Pat: I think it comes out in September.

Stubble: September, and you guys released a single off of that already?
Pat: Yes, Sadistic Embodiment.

Stubble: You guys have kept pretty true to your subject matter.
Pat: Oh yeah. It’s another Cannibal Corpse record, for sure. I mean there’s definitelty some diffferent elements in the music. I think some of the guitar solos I did may be a little bit more melodic. There are some different things in there that surprise, but it’s definitely Cannibal Corpse.

Stubble: What’s the worst thing you ever did for money?
Pat: Give guitar lessons maybe? Oh, I don’t know, man. Paint? Paint houses?

Stubble: What’s the weirdest thing ever thrown at you on stage?
Pat: I don’t think it was thrown at me, but someone actually threw a fuckin’ dildo onstage up in Canada one time. I don’t know, it didn’t hit me or anything but I look down and there was this fuckin’ dildo.

Stubble: What color was it?
Pat: I think it was pink.

Stubble: Fuck, Marry, Kill: Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence, Adam Lambert.
Pat: Fuck, kill all of them.

Stubble: You push a button and someone dies. Who is that person?
Pat: Everybody.

Stubble: Would you be a better choice to play Batman than Ben Affleck?
Pat: No.

Stubble: Ever autotuned one of your songs?
Pat: What? I don’t think so.

Stubble: Would any of your songs be better if they were autotuned?
Pat: Probably all of them.

Stubble: What are your thoughts on tentacle porn?
Pat: No comment. I don’t know what the hell it is.

Stubble: That’s it. Anything you want to add to the legions of fans out there?
Pat: Keep supporting Cannibal Corpse. Buy the new record, please. ​

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