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Photos Mayhem ignites San Francisco in old school Black Metal Warfare

7 February 2015 No Comment

Black Metal Warfare North American Tour
01-30-2015 @ DNA Lounge
San Francisco, California
Photos & Review: Jeff Longo

Sweden’s Watain performing at the sold out DNA Lounge in San Francisco. Co-headlining with the scene legends Mayhem on the best one, two punch extreme bill of the year dubbed the Black Metal Warfare Tour. Watain is known for their extreme and very satanic stage shows or rituals complete with the foul stench of death, animal heads on spikes, and bathing its fans in pig’s blood. Watain is currently supporting their fifth studio album 2013’s “The Wild Hunt” on Century Media.

Norway’s Mayhem making a rare US appearance is what makes this tour so unique giving they invented the Black Metal mystique 20 years ago employing corpse paint, blast beats, & dead animal heads long before it was cool. Oh and the not so cool torching of churches, suicide, murders, that pushed the genre to the mainstream consciousness in the early 90’s ushering Black Metal’s second wave (Darkthrone, Emperor). Putting the two of them together made this the must see event of 2015 and unlikely to be matched in intensity, theatrics, and ferocity. Mayhem is celebrating their 30th Anniversary and supporting 2014’s “Esoteric Warfare” on Season of Mist, their first album since 2007’s Ordo Ad Chao.

Photos:  Watain at the DNA Lounge – click here
Photo Slideshow – Mayhem- click here

Watain: Death’s Cold Dark, Black Flames March, Total Funeral, Under the Cenotaph, The Wild Hunt, Outlaw, Puzzles ov Flesh, On Horns Impaled, Sworn to the Dark, Malfeitor, Requiem XIII
Mayhem: Deathcrush, Pagan Fears, To Daimonion, Symbols of Bloodswords, My Death, A Time to Die, Psywar, Illuminate Eliminate, Whore, Buried by Time and Dust, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Chainsaw Gutsfuck, Freezing Moon, Carnage, Pure Fucking Armageddon


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