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Review The Browning and Capture the Crown at the Agora Ballroom

1 May 2015 No Comment

The Browning & Capture the Crown
Alesana Tour
04-11-2015 @ Agora Ballroom
Cleveland, Ohio
Review: Bravin Herring

Oh man what an exciting weekend! Two of my favorite bands, The Browning and Capture the Crown, were under the same roof at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland. Both bands were on bill put together by headliner Alesana for their US tour supporting their fifth full length “Confessions”, also on the bill was Conquer Divide, The Funeral Portrait, Sleep Signals, & Royalz were also on the bill. I’ve been listening to The Browning and Capture the Crown for the past few years and ever since I heard of them, I’ve wanted to see them live. Until last night, I relied on a speaker setting in my car specifically for The Browning and their notorious bass drops. Hearing them drop it live practically melted my face off!

The Agora Ballroom is way up in northern Ohio in Cleveland. I have never been there so it was a nice experience. The venue itself was an old theater converted to a concert hall. I thought it would’ve been a little bigger on the inside but the size made the bands that played so much better.

The Browning sounded amazing in the Agora Ballroom. Since it was a smaller space the bass drops would hit you in the chest and then bounce off the walls and come back for round two. The set lists for both bands were amazing. They played all the songs I hoped they would. Capture the Crown played some pretty awesome songs such as “RVG” and “You Call That a Knife? This Is a Knife”. The Browning surprised me though. It was just a continuous barrage of bone crunching metal breakdowns with a dubstep/party scene flare to it. The Browning threw down with tracks such as “Bloodlust”, “Standing on the Edge”, and “Living Dead” from their 2011 debut full length album Burn This World. They also played “Gravedigger” and “Industry” from Hypernova.

The atmosphere was just as I expected. The Browning had circle pits and walls of death to help you get your rage on. People were going crazy during both bands and it made it awesome. During Capture the Crown’s last breakdown, they invited people to the stage to see it through their eyes. I’ve never gone from the pit to the stage that quick. What an experience! Overall the concert was unbelievable. I loved watching Capture the Crown and The Browning rock the Agora. I would drive all over Ohio to see them again.

Hypernova is the second studio album by electronicore band The Browning released on October 1, 2013 through Earache Records.

Reign of Terror is the second studio album by Australian metalcore band Capture The Crown on Artery Recordings and charted at No. 86 on the U.S. Billboard 200, the band’s first album to chart in the U.S., as well as the third Australian metal band to chart.

Confessions is the third concept album and overall fifth studio album by American rock band, Alesana. It is the final chapter of the Annabel trilogy, and based on the series of books; “The Time Quintet”. It was released on April 21, 2015.

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