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Live Review Photos Mayhem Black Metal Warfare II Union Transfer in Philly

31 December 2015 No Comment

Black Metal Warfare II Black Metal Warfare II[/caption]

Black Metal Warfare II North American Tour
11-23-2015 @ Union Transfer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Photos & Review: Jeff Longo

Black metal titans Mayhem & Watain brought their satanic side-show back to Union Transfer in Philadelphia on the The Black Metal Warfare II tour. Back in January the monstrous pairing stormed through North America literally drenching audiences in blood (Black Metal Warfare I tour), however this time around Mayhem actually performed after having to cancel the tour’s first show in Philly due to visa issues. This leg will mark the end of the The Wild Hunt (2013 Century Media) touring cycle for Watain, while Mayhem are touring in support of Esotetic Warfare (2014 Season of Mist).

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When you consider all of the stereotypes that come with Black Metal: animal heads on spikes, corpse paint, screeching vocals, satanic imagery, church burning, etc. they all began with Mayhem. Their legendary antics in early nineties spawned hundreds imitations but few were able to match their notoriety either musically or in stage presence. Their early shows were designed to visually create an atmosphere of death to compliment their low-fi, screeching brand of metal. This evening’s show is as close as well ever get to those early shows as the boys from Norway took the stage. Freshly decapitated pig head’s were impaled on four inverted crosses (two more than Watain) as front man Attila Csihar appeared in corpse paint with magic spells scrawled all over his face. Blood was all over his mouth and chest like he just pulled his face out of a feedbag of dead babies. Bassist Necrobutcher, drummer Hellhammer, and lead guitarist Ghul were not painted up however rhythm guitarist Teloch performed shrouded in a hooded cassock.

The thirteen song setlist included only one track, Psywar, from their latest offering Esoteric Warfare (2014 Season of Mist), along with a single selection from 2000’s Grand Declaration of War, 2004’s Chimera, & 2007’s Ordo ad Chao. The majority of the set was pure old school Mayhem with eight blistering cuts equally divided between their grinding death metal EP 1987’s Deathcrush & 1994’s genre defining masterpiece De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, which included the rarely played live Life Eternal resurrected for this tour. There is no denying the intensity and rawness of these two albums which on this evening were executed to perfection. The highlights started midway through the set with the plodding, slowed to a crawl Chainsaw Gutsfuck into the spine chilling anthem Freezing Moon. The chaos continued with Carnage, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, and arguably the band’s finest example of musical violence ever recorded Pure Fucking Armageddon that worked the crowd into a frenzy closing out this historic set.

Mayhem Setlist Union Transfer Philadelphia PA 2015-11-23

Silvester Anfangm, Funeral Fog, My Death, To Daimonion, Deathcrush, Illuminate Eliminate, Psywar, Life Eternal, Chainsaw Gutsfuck, Freezing Moon, De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, Carnage, Pure Fucking Armageddon


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