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Photos Watain Black Metal Warfare II at Union Transfer in Philly

31 December 2015 No Comment

Black Metal Warfare II North American Tour
11-23-2015 @ Union Transfer
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Photos & Review: Jeff Longo

Black metal titans Mayhem & Watain brought their satanic side-show back to Union Transfer in Philadelphia on the The Black Metal Warfare II tour. Back in January the monstrous pairing stormed through North America literally drenching audiences in blood (Black Metal Warfare I tour), however this time around Mayhem actually performed after having to cancel the tour’s first show in Philly due to visa issues. This leg will mark the end of the The Wild Hunt (2013 Century Media) touring cycle for Watain, while Mayhem are touring in support of Esotetic Warfare (2014 Season of Mist).

Click here for Photos and Review of Mayhem’s set

Watain Frontman & reigning dark lord Erik Danielsson commented, “While Black Metal Warfare Part II is of course a continuation of the first one, quite a few surprises can be expected, both in terms of the set lists as well as on the stage itself. All that is certain is that November shall wail and reek of burning, blistering, banging, bloody Black Metal War! A victorious ending before it’s time to yet again embark on the ever winding paths into the great unknown…”

When Watain took the stage after Rotting Christ did their thing, as fans were greated with two rotting pigs heads impaled on two inverted, rusted crosses flanking the front of the stage. This tradition was actually started by tour mates Mayhem back in 1990 but rarely seen these days in the States. Signs were posted throughout the venue, “If you’re near the front of the stage, you’re probably gonna get pig’s blood on you, you have been warned.” And this is not an exageration either, when midway through the set Erik raised a goat’s head chalice high in the air before emptying it’s contents of putrefied pigs blood on front row, much to the delight of the fans packed against the rail. But they aren’t all gimmick, in fact Watain has been releasing some of the purest black metal in last ten years or so and this evenings setlist showcased a little taste from each of them. Delving deep into the catalog selecting two songs each from: 2000’s Rabid Death’s Curse, 2003’s Casus Luciferi, 2007’s Sworn to the Dark, & 2013’s The Wild Hunt; ending the evening with Malfeitor from 2010’s Lawless Darkness.

Setlist – Watain Union Transfer Philadelphia PA 2015-11-23

Underneath the Cenotaph, Black Flames March, Angelrape, Outlaw, Stellavore (intro only), On Horns Impaled, The Golden Horns of Darash, Devil’s Blood, Legions of the Black Light, Malfeitor


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