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Live Review pop punk duo Diet Cig electrify fans at the Revolution Live

17 May 2016 No Comment


Diet Cig
05-10-2016 @ Revolution Live
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Lucas Roque

Diet Cig is a quirky pop-punk two piece based out of New Paltz, New York consisting of Noah Bowman as designated drummer and Alex Luciano as guitar and vocals. The dynamic duo are on tour supporting Brick + Mortar and The Front Bottoms and tonight the eastern leg of the tour takes them to Revolution Live in downtown Fort Lauderdale for the first time in the entirety of Diet Cig’s music career. For summer tour dates go here.

AdmatTFB_datesDoors open at 6:30pm, the crowd awaits the soon to come excitement they have been waiting for, and the New Paltz pop-punk outfit will not disappoint the awaiting youthful crowd. As soon as Alex and Noah step on stage they snap the lethargic crowd into animation in the same manner a power circuit would respond to a bolt of electricity. The first note signifying the soon to come pressure from the overdriven guitar tones and punk influenced drum styling that will soon have the inhabitants of this Fort Lauderdale venue jumping, dancing and cheering in pure elation.

Diet Cig opens their set with “Cardboard” off their debut EP, Over Easy (2015 Father Daughter Records). Filling the room with chords that compel the crowd to snap out of their pre-show daze, Diet Cig begins the night with a song that gradually builds a tension through chord progressions that eventually releases itself in a flurry of energy after the last verse shakes the very foundations of Revolution Live. It is not even 9:00pm and this venue has been lit on fire through the youthful spirit brought to life this evening.

The New York based band then moves on to their next song, “Sleep Talk,” and proceed with their masterful control of the electricity already flowing through the crowd pushing it to see how far the system of people can go until it overloads. Alex continues her flurry of high kicks, jumping, and over driven guitar playing led by Noah’s 90s punk influenced drumming until the very last note of the song rings out leading to a roar from the crowd and a flurry of flowers being thrown on-stage for the bands phenomenal performance thus far.

This single note fades into dialogue, and a “water break” as stated by the petite front women, preceding an unreleased ballad that will easily make anyone fall in love with the band in an interpersonal way as if our best friend just poured their deepest emotions unto us. The love that Diet Cig shows in the whispering lyrics flourished into the crowd and was recycled back through the response of cheers showing the perfect understanding between band and crowd.

After another unreleased song, hopefully for a much awaited full length album, the New Paltz angst filled pop-punk band leads into “Harvard”. They begin by leading with a soft, yet meaningful, guitar introduction supported by heavy floor toms that will eventually bring the band back up to their tempo marked by the young front woman’s energetic high kicks returning to the stage. The band ends the song, and their set, with the petite vocalist standing on the bass drum assisting her band mate with his crash cymbal by kicking it continuously on beat while she proceeds to release the last torrent of notes on her guitar to feed the fiery crowd for the rest of the evening.

Diet Cig may have been an opener for the other bands, but they outshined the other acts in ways unimaginable. Their amazing live show brought out a Fort Lauderdale crowd who will react with an ecstasy unlike any other to every single note sent through the PA systems in the venue that night.

Diet Cig is currently signed to Father Daughter Records, check out their 2015 release “Sleep Talker/Dinner Date”

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