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Live Review Sumerian Records close out explosive 10 year Anniversary tour in Columbus

8 June 2016 No Comment

Drums BOO (1 of 1)_585
Born of Osiris, After the Burial, Upon a Burning Body, Erra, and Bad Omens
Sumerian 10 Year Tour
05-29-2016 @ Park Street Saloon
Columbus, Ohio
Photos & Review Bravin Herring

What do you get when you take 350 metal heads, five of the best bands in the game, and a dimly lit venue? You get the best damn show of the Sumerian Records 10 year anniversary tour, “Sumerian 10 Year Tour.” Label veterans Born of Osiris, After the Burial, Upon a Burning Body along with newcomers Erra, and Bad Omens all threw down at the Park Street Saloon in Columbus, Ohio.


Park Street Saloon, what a venue. It is the second time I’ve seen a show there. The music sounds great. The fans can climb up on stage during the show, and scream into the mic with their favorite bands. The only issue is that it is pretty dark during the show, but its metal music so who gives a shit.

Bad Omens, I can not say anything bad about this band other than how BADASS their tattoos were. Tatted from head to toe, these rockers played singles (Glass Houses and Exit Wounds) from an upcoming album. Bad Omens also sported two celebrity look alikes. Nick Folio looks like he could be Steph Curry’s little bro, or even Curry himself. After much deliberation, my brother and I decided that the bassist, Vincent Riquier, looks like Pippin from LOTR just not hobbit size. These guys have a good road ahead of them, look for their upcoming album due out later this year. Check out their single The Worst of Me here.

Continuing the tour was the all mighty djent band Erra. Erra happens to be my younger brothers favorite band so he was screaming like a groupie girl the whole time. The djentle giants hailing from Alabama, blasted the stage with tracks old and new. With their new front man JT Cavey (ex Texas in July) they ruled the stage playing tracks such as Hybrid Earth, Irreversible, and Continuum. My man JT could not keep his ass off the stage. He showed up on stage for Erra, Upon a Burning Body, even Born of Osiris. Erra is touring in support of their label debut Drift (2016 Sumerian Records).


Don’t Fuck with Texas. Seriously. If you do, Upon a Burning Body will hunt you down and kick your ass. The tatted Texans caused the craziest and most brutally intense mosh pit I’ve ever seen. I do believe that at one point, about 4 or 5 people all ended up on stage. They laid down crazy tracks like Texas Blood Money and Sin City. That really got the party going. I want give a shout out to the drummer. Little homie can rock that double bass pedal like a fucking god. If his legs moved any faster, he might’ve drilled a hole into the stage. Personally, Upon A Burning Body is one of my favorites. I saw them for the first time in Cleveland with Motionless in White (killer show by the way). Upon a Burning Body is supporting their latest and third studio album The World Is My Enemy Now (2014 Sumerian Records).

Guitar for ATB (1 of 1)_275Guitar for UABB (1 of 1)_275

Photos: After the Burial & Upon a Burning Body – Ruben Alvarez

After the Burial is one of those bands that grow on you as you listen. I wasn’t a big fan of them until I listened to the song Lost in the Static. Holy shit that song got me hooked! It was even better live. Opening with a few songs from their new full length Dig Deep the dudes from Twin Cities ruled the stage for a little over an hour. Crowd surfer after crowd surfer jumped up on stage and moshed with them. After the Burial is definitely a band that I wouldn’t mind seeing live again. Setlist: Lost in the Static, Berserker, Collapse, Your troubles will cease and fortune will smile upon you, Aspiration, A Wolf Amongst Ravens. After the Burial is supporting their fifth full length release Dig Deep (2016 Sumerian Records).

Keys BOO (1 of 1)_275Lead BOO (1 of 1)_275

Photos: Born of Osris – Joe Buras Keys & Ronnie Canizaro Vocals

The Egyptians worshiped many gods; Horus, Isis and Ra. They all represented different things in their life. Recently though, a new god has been discovered. Born of Osiris was added to that list of Egyptian gods in 2003. With thrashing drums, a bassist with dreads, and powerful keys, Headlining Born of Osiris tore up the stage for the final night of the Sumerian 10 Year Tour. They almost took the whole venue down playing crowd favorites like Throw Me in the Jungle and Divergency. People were flying all over the place, chicks were getting thrown over fences, it was some crazy stuff. They are one of my favorite bands that I have seen live. The breakdowns were wild enough to make nuns get naked and party. 10/10 would see them again. Born of Osiris is touring in support of their latest release Soul Sphere (2015 Sumerian Records).

Guitar BOO (1 of 1)_585

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