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Interview the strange origins of Mac Sabbath with manager Mike Odd

18 March 2017 No Comment

Mac Sabbath

Mac Sabbath Interview  
Mike Odd – band manager
March 2017
Photos by Jeff Longo

We had such a great time at Mac Sabbath’s show at the Ritz in San Jose earlier this month, we had to know more about this twisted Black Sabbath tribute show. While the identities of the band members themselves are shrouded in mystery (Ronald Osbourne, Guitarist Slayer MacCheeze, bassist Grimalice and drummer the Catburglar, a.k.a. “Peter Criss Cut Fries”) we were able to speak with their manager Mike Odd who had quite a story to tell.

MacSabbath_TourMike shares his incredible story of how an owner of “little freak museum” was ceremoniously selected to help bring Mac Sabbath’s message warning of the dangers of “GMOs and Monsanto and the evils of fast foods” to the people. We ponder performing with the Ronnie James Dio hologram (the McDio?) and the new tour with with Metalachi, Okilly Dokilly dubbed the 2017 Mockstrosity in April/March.

2017 Mockstrosity Tour with Metalachi and Okilly Dokilly, check out tour dates here

Stubble: Mike how did you get involved in managing Mac Sabbath?
Mike Odd: I used to run my own little freak museum called The Rosemary’s Billygoat Odditorium in east Hollywood and when you do something like that you are putting yourself, putting your whole life into this position of chasing down the weirdest stuff in the whole world and one you get into that it starts chasing you down. So you live that lifestyle for a while and you start get used to receiving calls from strange people, so long after I closed my doors I get this anonymous phone call to come down to this burger joint in Chatsworth California and it was gonna change my life. I thought I was going to go down there and see something like the Virgin Mary toasted on a hamburger bun or something like that, but I’m up for it since that’s what I do. So I go down there and I’m sitting in this booth waiting. So in bursts this clown, this red and yellow tornado, with dripping dirty yellow and red tassels, and this Skeletor style make-up…

Mac Sabbath

Stubble: Well sounds pretty normal for Southern California..
Mike Odd: Nothing was really normal about this at all, this was shocking for even me. It didn’t last for very long before we got our butts kicked out of there, and as we hit the pavement, he was explaining to me that it was my destiny to manage his band Mac Sabbath and he invited me to come back for this secret meeting in the basement later that night. When I showed up the next thing I knew I was in this basement amongst freeze dried condiments and bags of hamburger buns watching these mutated, fast food mascots, playing these Black Sabbath song phenomenally and screaming about GMOs and Monsanto and the evils of fast foods. And it was like nothing I experienced in my life I was blown away and then it was like yeah, this has been a secret and we decided that you would be the person to literally to bring this above ground. So I did what I thought would make sense, I’ll book a few shows around LA, and I figured that was about it.

Mac Sabbath
Stubble: So what launched this into a full time gig for you?
Mike Odd: I had one of those early songs, “Frying Pan” filmed and put it on youtube and put the lyrics down at the bottom and man it went crazy. Fox News picked it up and said all these horrible things about it, and that brought it so much attention that MTV picked it up and before we knew it Black Sabbath posted it.

Stubble: Wow the overlords of metal themselves took notice. Is that how they were invited to the Download Festival (2015) in England…
Mike Odd: Exactly. Before the band even left California, Download wanted us to play in England. That made for a whole England tour, playing Download (2015) with Kiss, Motley Crue, Judas Priest, and Slipknot. Then we came back and played Outside Lands (2015) in San Francisco and went on before Elton John.

Stubble: Outside Lands in San Francisco is a real hipster crowd what was their reaction?
Mike Odd: Well the Dr. Teeth Muppet band played there the year before (OSL 2016), so I kinda think we opened up that market. It’s so different from anything else, it really doesn’t come off on youtube, you really have to go down and see it live to experience what it is and how different it is. It’s not just a rock show, its not just a comedy show, it’s something really different, and so it’s hard to explain, it’s hard to market.

Mac Sabbath

Stubble: The good news is Mac Sabbath is hitting the road in March & April on the 2017 MOCKSTROCITY TOUR with Metalachi and Okilly Dokilly…
Mike Odd: Three of the weirdest bands ever it’s Mac Sabbath, Metalachi – the world’s only heavy metal mariachi band, they do all heavy metal covers but it’s a mariachi band. So that’s something, also really different Okilly Dokilly, which is the world’s only Nedal band, basically a Ned Flanders themed band singing about all things Ned left from handed devices to white wine spritzers.

Stubble: Well the price of admission is worth it for Mac Sabbath alone…
Mike Odd: There’s something that’s going to come out on this new tour that is a surprise something you will be able to get a the merch booth, and something you can’t get with any other band, dealing with a non-conventional organic band like this…it’s not what you would expect and I am very excited about but I am not permitted to speak it about it yet.

UPDATE: A few days after this interview Mac Sabbath announced they will be offering a Coloring Book with a Flexi Disc featuring the song “Pair-a-Buns,” which can only be purchased at their merch booth on this tour.

Stubble: How many songs does Mac Sabbath currently have in the repertoire? And any plans expanding further into the Sabbath Catalog, Ozzy solo material?
Mike Odd: Black Sabbath songs are really long compared to most any other rock band, so today about 10 songs. You know when you’re dealing with somebody that is crazed as Ronald Osbourne, I cant ever guess what gonna happen next,

Stubble: what are the odds of Ronald sharing the stage with the newly resurrected Ronnie James Dio hologram? You could call him Ronnie McDio?
Mike Odd: I don’t know if you could hold out much hope for McDio, what I can say is what I would love to do is replace Ronald with a hologram, it would make my life so much easier.

Stubble: Any final words?
Mike Odd: You know Black Sabbath just finished up their final tour “The End”, for Mac Sabbath it’s just beginning.

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Mac Sabbath
Mac Sabbath
Mac Sabbath
Mac Sabbath

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